More about ASAP Rental

More about ASAP Rental


About us

ASAP Rental is your strategic partner in Asia for renting, organizing and managing SMART handling fleets. We combine deep industry experience with the very latest in big data and IoT technology – ASAP’s platform allows active monitoring; centralized command-and-control; and rich performance data that can simultaneously assess whole fleets and individual drivers, down to the minute.

With ASAP’s industry experience, we can audit your existing fleet quickly and thoroughly, creating a menu of options for optimizing your fleet resources, efficiency and total costs. Once you’ve made your choice, we move the process along with financing options and maintenance support.

If tracking and servicing your fleet has been keeping you from a focusing on core business, ASAP is ready and able to partner with you, taking on the full weight of fleet management so you can better pursue core business goals.

Parent companies: Aprolis and ADEN Services

Founded in France and a longtime force in the European market, APROLIS has been offering its customers handling and industrial logistics solutions for over 60 years. APROLIS specializes in organizing rentals of electric and auto-guided vehicles, minimizing environmental impact while maximize savings and other long-term benefits. A subsidiary of France’s Monnoyeur Group, APROLIS boasts an annual turnover of €179 million , with clients including Coca-Cola, Peugeot, Mo?t & Chandon and Nestle.


ADEN is a major innovator in the SMART integrated facility management services industry. Founded in Vietnam in 1997, ADEN operates in more than 70 cities in China and 26 countries around the globe with a total of 1,500 sites. ADEN partners with clients in all industries to provide total solutions for their non-core business needs: environmental, energy, data transparency, and more. ADEN is also the founder of Factory 4.0, a series of SMART innovation centers opening across China and hosting several cutting-edge companies under one roof – including ASAP Rental’s new headquarters in Kunshan.


When ADEN and APROLIS first met, both sides had something to offer. APROLIS was exploring a new sales model for Asia and recognized ADEN’s strong presence in China; ADEN was interested in expanding its range of operations and recognized APROLIS’ handling industry know-how, long track record and extensive contacts.

From the very first meeting, the representatives of each company knew they had found their perfect match, with a shared vision of creating a world-class, tech- and data-driven company based in China, the world’s fastest-growing economy.

ASAP Rental was the final result of this meeting, launching in 2016. Though a young company, ASAP has hit the ground running, partnering with numerous companies in China, both international and locally-founded. Now headquartered in Kunshan’s F4.0 innovation center, ASAP Rental is actively  expanding its cooperation with foreign and domestic clients, helping realize its mission of delivering unparalleled handling solutions in the heart of Asia.




ASAP Rental doesn’t do ‘’one-size-fits all’’. We serve as a long-term partner, creating tailored solutions based on your exact needs. 


Our offer falls into five basic categories, which can be combined into different packages:
1. Fleet Outsourcing (ongoing): A core ASAP innovation. We purchase your fleet upfront and become the owner/manager, overseeing a systematic, phased upgrade. In the near term, this frees up your cash and resources; in the long-term, this produces 5-20% savings for the client.


2. Long-term rental (36 months and more): A popular means of obtaining equipment without the need for major capital expenditure.
3. Medium-term rental (12 to 36 months): ASAP can also deliver quick fleet optimization for the coming 1-3 years.
4. Sales of equipment: ASAP also facilitates equipment purchases, using our expertise to guide your purchasing strategy with unbiased advice. 
5. Services - from preventive maintenance to full service. Available for any of the packages above.




Independence: multi-product, multi-brand

ASAP Rental is 100% independent. At ASAP, we have two important don’ts: we don’t manufacture equipment and we don’t join exclusive partnerships. That matters. It means that ASAP doesn’t have to rely exclusively on one producer’s equipment or hide any information from our customers. It means we can follow the facts and propose an optimal blend of products and brands for your specific business. Because of ASAP’s independence, we are free to focus entirely on optimizing TCO (total cost of ownership) for our customers, based on their real use and needs.

ASAP Rental plans solutions for the whole life-span of a fleet: we can take on planning, financing and delivery at the beginning; and continual monitoring and maintenance over the long run. 


ASAP Rental plans solutions for the whole life-span of a fleet: we can take on planning, financing and delivery at the beginning; and continual monitoring and maintenance over the long run.

To begin, ASAP’s experts conduct a total fleet audit, reviewing your assets and maintenance status, fleet size, energy usage, safety mechanisms, logistics process and costs. We usually complete this within a week, and as little as one day for small fleets.

ASAP combines the data we’ve collected and the needs you’ve outlined to develop a menu of fleet optimization solutions and timelines: new or used equipment, AGV or manned, standard or specific, multi-product and multi-brand. The choice is always yours and always backed by robust data.

If you’ve chosen to outsource fleet management to ASAP, we’ll follow a similar system, making a detailed plan for phased upgrades and always keeping you well-informed.


Financing: ASAP Rental can help arrange attractive financing options. We enjoy strong financial ties with Bank of Nanjing and BNP Paribas, and we can help your company get funding for rental. As for clients who outsource their handling management to ASAP, our purchase of the whole fleet provides a swift infusion of funds, along with a reduction in management load.

Maintenance: ASAP combines the best people and the best tech to keep your fleet serviced. Our team is ready to carry out all necessary work, backed by notifications and tracking on our fleet management platform. ASAP has several packages:

  • Maintenance package – A base schedule of equipment servicing per year. After each service, we advise if additional work is needed, with a price estimate.
  • Full service rental – ASAP performs all servicing and repairs arising from normal use. Suggested for strategic equipment and moderate to intensive work/environments.
  • Tailored Fleet Package – ASAP can design a special package for customers with large fleets, especially those who face heavy regulation. This may include an on-site engineer.

Finally, ASAP offers clients its digitalized fleet management platform, a powerful tool using the latest in big data and Internet of Things technology. Because our platform has such game-changing impact, this warrants a closer look.


ASAP offers clients its digitalized fleet management platform, a powerful tool using the latest in big data and Internet of Things technology. Because our platform has such game-changing impact, this warrants a closer look.

Vehicle Access and Tracking Data 
Our platform allows the immediate ability to:
•    Set drivers’ access by vehicle, vehicle type, working hours, or other parameters.
•    Check the precise location of every asset in your fleet.
•    Immediately change settings on individual vehicles or whole fleets, no matter where you are.

Shock Sensors for Safety and Maintenance


A bump here, a bump there… even small incidents can add up serious maintenance problems if no one is watching. Our platform links with shock sensors that can be installed on each vehicle, ensuring you track every unexpected hit your vehicles take.

  • Small shock: vehicle continues as normal, management is notified and can follow up as needed.
  • Medium shock: vehicle automatically slows down but remains functional. Authorized management must check vehicle and activate a code to resume full functionality.
  • Large shock: Vehicle stops and alarm is activated. Management receive immediate notification.

As drivers become used to this system of monitoring and quick response, you can expect to see notable improvements in driver self-monitoring with a fewer incidents and greater workplace safety.



Automation is more than a trend; particularly for intensive, indoor operations, automation can be a game-changer. ASAP helps you take your first steps (or further steps) into developing a top-notch automated fleet. Our experts can guide you through selection of several equipment types:  •    AGV (auto-guided vehicles)
•    AGC (auto-guided carts)
•    AGScr (auto-guided scrubbers and sweepers) 





A successful automation plan relies on more than just getting automated equipment. Besides arranging provision, ASAP also offers training and helping to lay the foundation for a smooth integration of AGVs into your workplace: initial survey and technical offers, delivery and implementation on site, requested Software installation and parameters, to be connected to your ERP or WMS. Our main partner in automation solutions is Rocla, a top-of-the-line firm with 30 years’ experience. ROCLA boasts 7,000 AGVs in the field worldwide, making use of multiple navigation technologies (laser triangulation, magnet and wire guidance).



New Equipment

From a powered pallet truck to a wire-guided picking system, ASAP Rental can source and supply the correct equipment for the job.

All new equipment is selected based on your operational needs, with the most suitable service package being provided to ensure long life, reliability and safety. We usually recommend new equipment for:

  • Moderate to intensive use
  • Strategic or specific use


Used Equipment

ASAP Rental provides all makes of used equipment for rental or sale. We source the used equipment and track its progress through the workshop as it receives the level of refurbishment agreed to with the customer.

Most used equipment is sourced from the company’s long-term hire fleet and is supplied with a warranty, depending on its age and the degree of refurbishment performed. All used equipment can be maintained under one of our competitive service packages. We usually recommend used equipment for:

  • Light and non-strategic use, up to 600 hours/year
  • Less tough environments

Contact us 

Tel: 0512-57877626
Address: No.2388 Middle Huangpujiang RD, Kunshan city, Jiangsu province


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