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Rental and fleet management offering quality and flexibility.
Global outsourcing for your equipment handling fleet.

The bigger your fleet, the bigger the task of management, maintenance and data collection. We can handle all of this for you, freeing you up to focus on core business.

Aden is a proud co-founder of ASAP Rental, a joint venture dedicated to maximizing efficiency, profitability and control of your fleet. We work with clients of all sizes and offer a range of fleet options: rental or purchase; AGV or non-automated; handling and cleaning equipment.

Our offer also includes a state-of-the art platform for use-monitoring, safety control and centralized command over fleets in distant locations. When maintenance is due, we can provide it. When training is needed, we can offer it. And, when expert advice is a must, we are always at your service.

Our joint partner in ASAP Rental is APROLIS, France’s top handling-equipment specialist. APROLIS boasts a 100-year legacy, over 1,000 employees and contracts with many global brands. APROLIS’s consistent position at the forefront of the industry makes them the ideal partner in ASAP Rental.

Our Services

Fleet Audit

Our staff of technicians with a rich experience of working across industries and across national borders are prepared to evaluate the condition of your existing handling fleet and provide consulting services on work processes and overall condition.

Handling and Cleaning Equipment Rental

We offer medium and long term rental of handling fleets that are customised to client specifications and flexible to account for changing needs. We offer top-quality products and maintenance, flexible availability, and do away with up-front costs.

Maintenance of Handling Equipment

Aden provides efficient and customisable maintenance packages based on 60 years of experience. We cover all equipment types, from cross-docking and picking to outbound and inbound handling.

Staffing Solutions

Employ Aden’s skilled and reliable operators and streamline your handling process. Our digital platform tracks drivers, optimising workflow, ensuring compliance, and providing transparency and accountability.

Fleet Management Systems & Digital Reporting

Our digital platform tracks equipment, providing transparent records of pallet locations and proof of deliveries. We also provide monthly reporting on fleet utilisation, wear, and necessary repairs, ensuring maximum cost savings.