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Digital transformation – there’s no doubt it’s at the heart of successful business outcomes today. And yet, there is growing anxiety about the potential impact of AI on back-office and administrative roles. Are admin workers and their employers right to fear a threat to jobs? Or does AI in fact present an enormous opportunity, not just for business, but for employee development too?

We believe the answer lies in how companies respond to the changing technological landscape. Businesses that take strategic control now, will be best placed to gain from the efficiencies automation brings and create an employee experience that is more engaging, more rewarding and more value-additive than before.

Automating tasks, not jobs
A vital part of that strategy is looking at which tasks can, and should, be automated. According to Gallup, 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged by manual, repetitive tasks like copy-paste data entry, costing US business alone up to $550 billion per year in lost productivity. What’s more, McKinsey estimates that 50-70% of routine corporate tasks can be automated using AI.

All of which begs the question – how do you automate those tasks, and transition your employees into more meaningful, more productive work?

One answer is robotic process automation (RPA), also known as a “digital employee” – a software that is making big waves in workplaces around the world.

What exactly is a “digital employee”?
A digital employee – or RPA – is a powerful AI software that automates routine, replicable business processes like data entry, manual paperwork, emails and more. Think of it as a virtual assistant that removes the need for humans to do repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Unlike a physical robot, a digital employee exists only on a computer interface and can be applied to any number of business functions, from HR to finance, admin and more.

The top 5 reasons a digital employee is a strategic essential
So, what value can a digital employee generate? Here are some of the gains you can expect when you integrate RPA into your workplace:

1) Free up staff for more meaningful work. In other words, “taking the robot out of the human” – automating repetitive, rote tasks allows you to redeploy your people to focus on the high-value tasks robots can’t do: creative, analytical, collaborative work.

2) Optimize costs by 50-60%. Task automation delivers you increased throughput and increased functionality. By integrating processes onto one cross-functional platform, a digital employee can also break down major silos, bringing you additional operational cost savings.

3) Get more done, more quickly. A digital employee offers significant process efficiencies and a huge productivity gain, working 24/7 without distraction or interruption. One of our clients found that after installing it into their HR management system, the software was able to complete onboarding paperwork in one sixth of the time of a human administrator.

4) Eliminate human error. Even the most detail-oriented employees can make mistakes. A digital employee eliminates the need for manual, error-prone processes, improving throughput accuracy effortlessly. Studies on RPA deployments have shown a significant reduction in errors.

5) Integrate painlessly. One of the big advantages of a digital employee is that it does not require you to replace your existing IT systems or applications. In fact, a digital employee can leverage your existing systems in just the same way as a human can, making it a highly adaptable optimization tool.

Where to start: HRMS
Digital transformation is coming for every business and organization. The digital employee is just the start of a revolution that will see workforces increasingly co-populated by human and automated workers. As the nexus of that relationship, HR departments must not only be advocates but early adopters of automation within their own organizations.

Already, Aden is creating successful use cases in our clients’ HR management systems, with a powerful digital-employee tool that enhances administrative performance, relieves key workers of rote tasks and delivers a rapid ROI.

Our HR Digital Employee software suite plugs into your HRMS without any changes to existing operating systems, automating the following processes with minimal business disruption:

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