"Great pivots come from moments of crisis": HRMS & workforce optimization

Aden's Kandy Wang on pivoting from crisis to profitability.

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Kandy Wang is Aden's Head of HRMS and has 18 years of experience in HR and management consultancy. Kandy is a certified OD consultant and Six Sigma Green Belt holder in lean management. We talked to Kandy about HRMS and the importance of workforce optimization during (and after) the COV-19 crisis.

What does HRMS stand for? 
HRMS means “Human Resource Management Systems”. For some companies, HRMS just refers to a type of HR software, but Aden’s view of HRMS has a much bigger scope. That’s why we like to talk about HRMS as workforce optimization. We want to keep the focus on the end result: building organizations that are stronger, more agile and more profitable.

What is the difference between HRMS and a classic in-house HR department?
HRMS starts from a very strategic point of view, and its mission is focused on the big picture: structural and cash-flow issues that shape the immediate and long-term success of a company. Of course, this is also a core concern for in-house HR, but HR is often so busy with practical and administrative duties that it’s hard to give equal attention to the big picture.

The other thing is, because HRMS comes in to companies from outside, we can provide out-of-the-box thinking and bring in our practical intelligence from past industry experience.

How is coronavirus impacting the demand for HRMS? 
HRMS is all about making a pivot. If you look at history, almost all great pivots come from moments of crisis. When things are good, people don’t want to change. When crisis hits, you need to change your approach, and fast. That’s where we are today, and where HRMS comes in.

The force of the crisis is so strong that it has exposed all sorts of maladies that weren’t noticed before. Now, a large part of the workforce is staying at home, cash flow has been disrupted and we still can’t predict the timeline for full recovery. So, every company needs to rethink what it is doing and can benefit from strategic partnership with HRMS.

What about after the crisis? 
Even after the crisis ends, companies will still face the unpredictability of the world. Even in good times, every company will have its issues. HRMS is not a band-aid; it is about providing a fast solution that pivots into a long-term strategy. Coronavirus has provided a wake-up call to business. Now that we’re all awake, HRMS can help you build a more stable and profitable future.


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