Green facility solutions that improve quality of life and reduce your environmental impact
We help you create a healthier, greener, more sustainable work environment for your employees
Energy Solutions
Green Fit Out & Green workplace solutions
Energy project investment
Do you care about the environment? So do we!
We provide Green technologies that transform the wellbeing of your workplace while decreasing energy consumption and costs

Our team of experts analyze, measure, and maintain upgrades for your facilities so you can reap the benefits of lower utility costs, while providing the most comfortable and sustainable work environment for your building’s occupants, as well as attracting and retaining talent.

About our Partner

ADEN-ALTEREA is an associated company of ADEN Services and a leading eco-engineering company ALTEREA, combining the strengths of ADEN’s network with the unique technical expertise of ALTEREA.

Our Services
Green Fit-out & Workplace Solutions

Create smart space solutions using low-impact materials and energy-saving technologies. Improve indoor environment by utilizing smart technologies that impact air quality, noise, and low VOC exposure. Boost morale by displaying the results so that your employees can visibly see and know that they are in a safe and clean environment. 

Energy Solutions

ADEN ALTEREA solutions allow you to monitor and control energy consumption, carbon emissions, air quality and costs of your facilities. By evaluating all impact areas including energy usage and commuting data in one central database, you gain access to relevant KPIs that support decision making and compliant reporting.  


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