Warehouse Manager

Remote Site

Key tasks:

  • Supervise and manage Purchasing and warehouse staff.
  • Manage all FIFO stock coming in and out of all outlets and project locations.
  • Manage and control all warehouse and stock storage locations.
  • Maintain Dash Board report for all consumption statistics.
  • Prepare MPR Report for each site:
  • Collect all data from all departments to prepare the reports for:
  • Stock & Consumption control
  • Utility, Uniforms, Fuel, Cash Expenses per Project, Logistics etc.
  • Collect daily all data to consolidate the Average Food Cost for all Projects.
  • Follow-up of non-food consumption items (plastics items, chemicals used per area etc.)
  • Assure reconciliation between PO / DO / Invoice booked in the B52
  • Assure necessary comments and proposals for implementation by the concerned Department
  • Supply Chain Management: prepare all purchase requisitions as per requirements, monthly 20/80 product price comparison, monthly seasonality follow-up
  • Make necessary recommendation and target for purchase target price and Menu adjustments
  • PR / PO / DO / Invoice to be controlled and check Vs Procurement contract QHSE Management:
  • Report all incidents of insubordination or improper conduct to the Project Manager immediately and conduct/impose any necessary approved disciplinary action in accordance with national labor law, employee contract and company policy.
  • Ensure all staff is wearing the correct uniform, safety shoes and any necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the task, it is all in good clean condition, and damaged PPE is replaced immediately and reported to the Project Manager.
  • Conduct departmental Toolbox Talks with staff, daily and as necessary, obtain signatures from all attendees and submit records to QHSE Manger.
  • To ensure the assigned areas are managed in accordance to QHSE policies and standards of the company.
  • To ensure consistent continual improvement scheduling in implemented and follow-up of staff training, records to be kept for each team member.
  • Maintain open communication with clients for all major issues and concerns, ensuring good relations with the customer and implement corrective actions to resolve issues.
  • Ensure all staff maintains high personal hygiene and the uniform standard set by the company, good health check for each staff, make the personal data folder in camp office.
  • Ensure consistent scheduling of the daily operations.
  • Implement emergency planning, and organize the backup groups with clients.
  • Cooperate with client; on joint inspection.
  • Ensure that all used chemicals have their specific MSDS translated to Local Language.
  • It is forbidden to use or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on any project site, all employees are subject to prescreening, random testing and post incident testing. Test failure at any stage will result in removal from site. HR/ADM:
  • Manage effective communication with suppliers, clients, staff and ADEN senior management. • Coordinates with operations site, accounting and sales.
  • Manage data to produce records as per contract and company standards.
  • Regularly attends HOD Meetings.
  • Report and make suggestions on any matter relevant to the other departments. •
  • Other duties as asigned by Management.

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Good command of oral and written English, Chinese language considered advantageous.
  • An ability to think innovatively and creatively.
  • Familiar with Supply Chain Management policy and process with a strong interest for IT and new technologies.
  • Logistical thinking, good sense of system functions/data relevance.
  • Responsive, self-Initiative, drive for result and positive.
  • Proven project leading experience with good planning, organizing, coordinating & documenting capacity.
  • Good interpersonal & communication skills and team work.

Education & Experience Requirements:

  • Degree/Diploma in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management or equivalent
  • 5+ years’ experience with in the function.