Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsiblity is fully integrated into the ADEN Services business model.

Our CSR policy is based on 7 pillars and defines the best practices to adopt in business transactions with all of ADEN Services’ stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, and the community, to better address the future.

Our Corporate Responsibility Committee makes sure ADEN Services defines and implement the relevant company policy regarding ethical standards and corporate responsibility.


ADEN Services aims at providing a great place to work, rich in diversity and talent: we foster individual differences and equal opportunities for all, promote employee participation, encourage professional development, and support employee well-being.

We also support the protection and preservation of human rights in the workplace and are guided by the fundamental principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions. Our commitment is thus manifested in our Code of Conduct and in our human resources policies and practices. 

We also engage and equip all our employees to build sustainability thinking and practices into their everyday work.


ADEN Services places great importance on the challenge of bringing satisfaction to its customers every day. We anticipate market development, and constantly innovate to provide new services and solutions that go beyond our customers expectations.

We are also committed to continuous improvement in our performance and we seek smart solutions to fulfill our customers’ needs. That’s why we survey our customers each year to identify any areas needing improvement.


To secure adequate local sourcing, we aim at building long-term partnerships with our key suppliers, by promoting ongoing dialog with them. 

ADEN Services’ Supplier Code establishes minimum standards that we ask our suppliers to respect and to adhere, by reaching our specifications and minimum requirements.

We carry initial suppliers’ assessments before enrolling them into our list of preferred suppliers.

We also conduct periodic audits to monitor and verify the implementation of these principles once they have this status of preferred suppliers, to ensure they keep meeting our quality standards.


ADEN Services makes sure its rules of conducts are being shared by everyone in the company.

ADEN Services respects laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and prohibits any form of corruption. Integrity, transparency and increased performance through innovation and rigorous management are continuously inspiring our behaviors and actions.

These values guide us in our decisions, as our stakeholders’ trust and confidence is critical to our success.


At ADEN Services, we strive to ensure that the food we serve in our clients’ canteens and cafeteria is safe, has been grown and produced under conditions that are socially and environmentally responsible and that it complies with national legislation and agreements.

Our supplier code of conduct, states the minimum requirements we are expecting for food products.

ADEN Services is certified ISO 9001:2008 and we supplement the ISO standards with safety and quality systems developed specifically for our business. We pay great attention to HSE processes and have developed plans to address and prevent food safety hazards (HACCP), to comply with responsible practices and ensure our commitment to health and safety.

We also help our consumers to make informed food choices by making nutritional information available in a way that’s easy to understand, and we offer a wide range of delicious options to meet our customer’s needs and taste.


ADEN Services’ operations do not, generally, generate much pollution.

However we aim at improving the environmental profile of our company by managing the range of direct and indirect environmental impacts associated with our operations. We currently focus on some key issues: controlling water and energy consumption, reducing waste generation and adopting recycling practices.

Our offices are certified with the Eco Office certificate issued by the Roots & Shoots association (a Jane Goodall association).

Raising employee environmental awareness is also part of the initial training that each of our staff receive when they start working at ADEN Services. 


With operations in several countries, we always recruit our employees locally, thereby offering wage-earning employment opportunities to many local families. 

We encourage our local branches to rely whenever possible on local providers, especially farmers for fresh products. As of today, more than 70% of the products we are using are purchased locally.

We also empower our people to contribute positively to local communities by promoting two ways of community involvement activity; community investment programs which focus on employee volunteering, and programs of charitable giving.

In this encouragement of social solidarity, ADEN Services has chosen to support the French Junior Chamber and its initiatives with orphans and mentally disabled people (Forget-me-not program), as well as associations such as “Children of Madaifu” or clothes donation to the Crowne relocation program.

Disaster Relief

After the Sichuan earthquake that devastated much of Sichuan region in May of 2008, ADEN Services sent a special relief team there to provide logistical aid to the victims and donated for reconstruction projects.

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