Improve productivity and the experience of your space with a customized acoustic solution.
Akouzen combines technical product expertise with high-level design.

Noise matters. When you get acoustics right, employees feel focused and customers feel comfortable. When you get noise wrong, employee productivity drops and customers disappear.  

Akouzen’s state-of-the-art acoustic panels control noise levels in any space. Our expert-designed panels enhance your building’s atmosphere and provide a sound solution with measurable impact on your facility’s environment and workplace productivity.

Akouzen solutions are tailor-made for your space and needs. Our installations can be designed to harmoniously blend into the background, or to stand out as a centerpiece. It’s up to you; everything is customizable for size, shape, color and design; our experts partner with you to create the exact feeling and solution you are looking for. In every case, an Akouzen installation will be environmentally-friendly, safety-tested and of the highest quality.

Akouzen is a partnership between Aden and some of the acoustics industry’s leading designers. From Aden comes 20 years of facility management and deep understanding of workspace optimization. From our partners comes industry-leading expertise in design and acoustic materials.

Put together, Akouzen is ready to deliver acoustic transformations at the highest level of excellence.

Our Services

Acoustic Audit

Creating an acoustic solution starts with discussing your needs and carefully collecting site data. We propose various options to reduce noise reverberation and transmission, and together we develop a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Panel Options

AKOUZEN offers a wide range of attractive panel options. Choose from hanging wall panels, suspended ceiling panels, board ceiling tile panels, or customized, decorative art panels to fit your space.

Custom Design

Customize acoustic panels to make your vision a reality. Select from a huge range of colors, textures, and shapes; auto-cut designs into your acoustic panels; deliver a strong message in text with printed panels. The final product is in your hands.


Each acoustic panel can be quickly installed using a system of hooks, hangers, and magnets. AKOUZEN can do the instillation for you so as not to disrupt the flow of your business.