Green Fit-out & Workplace Solutions


Building smart solutions for sustainability and quality of life.
Healthy and comfortable green spaces directly affect sustainability and employee well-being – not to mention the bottom line.

In partnership with ALTEREA, our team of experienced engineers and developers are experts in remaking work spaces to create green and energy-optimised designs that promote well-being.


Everyone deserves a safe and green work environment, and we focus on helping clients provide smart space solutions that are a joy to work in. We provide customised ergonomic design that maximise employee comfort and productivity, and when we build, we use low-impact materials and energy-saving technologies. Furthermore, our smart technology increases air quality, lowers noise, and decreases VOC exposure.

At the same time, smart, green design ethics decrease energy consumption and costs. When we implement energy monitoring systems to track energy consumption we immediately reduce operating costs, with data available to our clients in real time.

Our solutions conform to sustainability assessments based on standards including the WELL certification, and validate the green performance of your organisation and facilities. Project management and comparative data libraries support the execution of targeted improvements to decrease environmental impact, save costs, and increase your portfolio value.

Our Services

Design Consultancy

Aden provides expert energy audits, including best practice optimisation protocols as well as area-focused services such as green building & retrofit consulting, buildings certifications, and climate consulting.

Creative, Green Design

Our green interior solutions include coating, flooring, partitions, furniture, and greenery. Aden can help you design a cleaner workplace, selecting materials and fixtures that are attractive, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Active Equipment Supply & Installation

From selection to installation, Aden offers optimised electrical equipment, top grade air purification systems, HVAC, LED & smart lighting fixtures, and water-saving solutions.

Project Management

The primary challenge is to achieve all the project goals – the scope of work, time, quality, and budget. Our project teams works closely together to deliver a unique project.

Commission & Project Delivery

Setting project milestones are key to a successful project. Aden’s team is with you every step of the way, from commissioning to site inspection and acceptance.