Handling equipment rental


Rental and fleet management offering quality and flexibility
Smart fleet outsourcing and warehouse automation for your handling operations
Industrial handling solutions by ASAP Rental from AGV and forklift rental to maintenance and fleet outsourcing

Multi-product, multi-brand: more handling equipment options from forklifts to AGVs

Aden is a proud co-founder of ASAP Rental, a joint venture dedicated to maximizing efficiency, profitability and control of your fleet. We work with clients of all sizes and offer a range of fleet options: rental or purchase; AGV or non-automated; handling and cleaning equipment.

A state of the art handling equipment solution

Our offer also includes a digital platform for use-monitoring, safety control and centralized command over fleets in distant locations. When maintenance is due, we can provide it. When training is needed, we can offer it. And, when expert advice is a must, we are always at your service.

Our joint partner in ASAP Rental is APROLIS, France’s top handling equipment specialist. APROLIS boasts a 100-year legacy, over 1,000 employees and contracts with many global brands. APROLIS’s consistent position at the forefront of the industry makes them the ideal partner in ASAP Rental.

Our solutions

Audit & consultancy

Logistics and industrial handling forklift fleet consultancy

We draw upon a century of experience in the industry and the knowledge of our expert engineers to optimize your handling operations.

Sales & rental

forklift rental and forklift sales with forklift maintenance service included

Multi-product, multi-brand. New or used, for purchase or rent—it’s all at your disposal based on your exact operational needs.

Equipment servicing

forklift maintenance and industrial handling equipment maintenance

A large and dynamic offer of adapted service contracts for your equipment, from preventive maintenance to full-service.

Fleet management

Forklift fleet management system

Digitalize your operations and take control. Our warehouse management system (WMS) lets you manage drivers, access equipment, improve safety, and more.


Industrial handling automation with AGV auto guided vehicles

A custom designed warehouse automation solution backed by our warehouse management software (WMS). Get the latest automation equipment from our exclusive partnership with Rocla.

Fleet outsourcing

Forklift fleet outsourcing

A buy-back/lease-back program that generates cash flow and improves your fleet’s efficiency and safety.


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