ADEN 2019: ready for action!!

ADEN has completed important steps in its “ADEN Tomorrow” transformation plan. The company is now ready for action as a fully data-driven company pushing the frontiers of IFM in Asia. This was the theme of ADEN’s 2019 Management Seminar, titled “Win as One”. The event outlined our new scope of operations; progress building a powerful network in China and Asia; and the game-changing potential of our new IoT platform.

The event began with Sebastien Aubrey of Dassault Systemes, who explored the huge changes that Industry 4.0 is bringing to IFM in Asia.

ADEN leaders and partners also spoke, sharing insights on the tech, policy and economic developments that will shape Asia and ADEN’s strategy in 2019 and beyond.

ADEN presented an ambitious program for expanding the scope of IFM into new energy, robotics, mobility, environment and more. This opportunity, the speakers noted, is unique to ADEN because of its strong network in Asia and the data-crunching power its new platform makes possible.

The transformation of China was another focus, with an exploration of new opportunities emerging across Asia, especially those driven by the Belt and Road Initiative.