ADEN announces the launch of ADENERGY

Shanghai, October 9th, 2018 - ADEN, Asia's top facility management company, launches a new energy subsidiary today: ADENERGY. With this, ADEN pushes beyond just ''keeping up'' with trends. ADENERGY is designed with revolution in mind - fundamentally changing the game for high-tech, smart energy solutions and for the facility management industry itself.

China's energy future is increasingly clear. The coming decades will see an emerging network of energy-generation stations which are small-scale, distributed and renewable. With change in the air, ADENERGY is uniquely prepared for this shift. Powered by ADEN's long experience in China, substantial customer base and technical resources, ADENERGY will be a lead player in Asia's energy revolution. ADENERGY offers turnkey energy solutions with a value felt by everyone from high-level stakeholders to everyday citizens.

ADENERGY focuses on tailored solutions to four needs.

  • Energy generation – distributed energy generation solutions, including renewable power (solar and wind), as well as natural gas cogeneration
  • Energy IoT – energy management and optimization operating through the Internet of Things
  • Smart grids – energy storage and micro-grid power management
  • Comprehensive energy management

Four years in the making, ADENERGY has recruited talent from around the world and across the energy sector, with leadership hailing from top firms and major projects already completed. Smart, decentralized and resilient, ADENERGY solutions provide advanced technological integration of energy systems and produce unprecedented value. Among its features:

  • All services have been designed from the ground up to interface with advanced management tools, providing feedback and up-to-the-minute information about energy use, performance, and cost. The creates superior data-driven analytics and optimizations.
  • Energy storage solutions go beyond providing redundancy; allow clients to purchase and use discounted non-peak energy; and optimize sales of energy back to the grid where possible.
  • Generation solutions use top-of-the-line equipment, assuring high levels of safety and efficiency
  • From initial surveys and installation to management and maintenance, ADENERGY offers expert life-cycle solutions to power generation and grid-upgrade projects for its clients.

ADEN has a long track record of providing quality turnkey solutions and will leverage this experience for ADENERGY clients. That means achieving energy independence faster than ever before. Meanwhile, infrastructural upgrades create efficiency gains that pay for themselves and facilitate transparency, reduced emissions and active management. With ADENERGY, clients are freed up to focus on key business priorities, with ADENERGY firmly in command of their energy worries. 

Arnaud Dauvillier, CEO of ADENERGY, summarizes: ''The revolutionary energy solutions ADENERGY offers are built to interface directly with the existing offerings of ADEN's facilities management business, allowing ADEN to build advanced energy infrastructure from scratch while still maintaining the high standard of transparency and customizability that our clients have come to expect.”

It's a powerful offer, and one ADENERGY is committed to delivering on. In that process, the nature and scope of the Integrated Facilities Management industry will be changed once again, as ADENERGY pioneers innovative uses of advanced technology, while building on ADEN's foundation of excellence.

About ADEN Group
ADEN Group has operations in more than 80 cities in China, as well as a wide-ranging global presence in South-East Asia, Central Asia and Africa. Clients of all sizes, including many listed companies count on ADEN for strategic solutions and comprehensive support for their operations across a wide range of industries. ADEN is currently operating on over 1,500 sites.

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