ADEN Services' client in Kazakhstan enjoyed our cooking program "Flying Cook"

From March 22 to 25, our ADEN Services Vietnam Executive Chef Mr. Nguyen Thanh Vu went to Kazakhstan to cook for one of our important clients operating in uranium there. He also provided training and shared his experience with our ADEN Services Kazakhstan catering team, focusing on diversifying Kazakh menus with Vietnamese cuisine.

The travel of Mr. Vu coincided with the site visit of the head of the regional government and his delegation – 9 people in total – plus local media and authority personnel. Together with the 170 employees on-site, Mr. Vu cooked twice a day for 4 days for over 200 people!

On March 23, Chef Vu and ADEN Services Kazakhstan catering team provided a very special Kazakh-Vietnamese luncheon to our V.I.P guests. The General Director of the client site expressed his special thanks and congratulations to ADEN Services for their efficient arrangements and tasty food, and informed that all guests enjoyed the dishes; the head of the regional government was particularly glad as he tasted the Vietnamese food for the first time.

We know this success will encourage some media coverage, and help ADEN Services to develop business opportunities in the near future. Thank you Chef Nguyen Thanh Vu!

As part of the “ADEN Services Flying Cook” concept, Mrs. Alima Utepova, one of our Kazakh chefs, will in turn be sent to one of our sites in South-East Asia this year.
We warmly thank ADEN Services’ Operations teams in Kazakhstan and Vietnam, who worked hard to organize such a delicious mission in Kazakhstan.



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