ADEN Services heads back to school with new contracts

ADEN Services heads back to school with new contracts


Shanghai, September 14, 2016 – Another new school year has arrived in China this month and kids get excited with their parents full of expectations. ADEN Services, a multinational integrated facility management services provider, is pleased to welcome the back-to-school season with additional 10 new facility management services contracts, bringing more innovative solutions to educational facilities.

China is now transitioning itself to a more mature development model that focuses on services and skilled labor. Meanwhile increasingly affluent families are now willing to invest more on education than ever before.  These changes have challenged school administrators to find new ways to create more attractive and inspiring learning environment to meet the market requirements as well as to achieve operational efficiency.

In 2016, ADEN Services continued its rapid growth in the education market. “We are proud to partner with so many outstanding education institutions to improve the learning environment for their students. These new contracts represent our full portfolio of facility management services, as well as our regional expansion and growth from both new clients and existing partners,” said Marine Trioulaire, expert of educational facility solutions, ADEN Services.

To better address the challenges in the market, ADEN Services is undergoing a series of transformation process, developing fresh concepts and innovative solutions. Recent cooperation with Michelin Star French Chef Jerome Laurent marks a major step of ADEN Services’ transforming process, adding unique value to education clients in terms of more tasty and healthy choices and greater service experience. Tremendous efforts have also been made to build up strong expertise and a suite of innovative solutions tailored to the education market.

Some of ADEN Services’ innovative solutions include:


  • Foodservice – we deliver a fresh, healthy and safe dining experience for your students and faculty staff.
  • Security solutions – we offer a comprehensive security and risk management solutions to guarantee safe and secure campus environment.
  • Green fit-out solutions – we offer green fit-out solutions that include acoustic system and air purification system to create a healthy, comfortable and inspiring learning environment.
  • Energy saving solutions – we offer energy management services to the educational facilities to achieve significant energy cost savings with environmental and educational benefits to the community.


Over the past 17 years, ADEN Services has built its reputation by contributing industry expertise and service excellence in many sectors such as education, retail, healthcare, corporate & industry and hospitality with more than 26,000 employees worldwide. In education sector, the company has proven its expertise in China, Vietnam and South East Asia for universities, schools, learning centers, college and other educational facilities.

The new school year has started and ADEN Services would like to extend our warmest welcome to all the students and faculty staff’s return. As a trusted partner, ADEN Services is committed at integrated facility management solutions to help clients to create an ideal campus environment to enrich students’ lives and improve schools’ competitiveness.

About ADEN Services

Founded in 1997, ADEN Services is a multinational integrated facility management services company providing one-stop solutions for all types of facilities. From food services to facility management, ADEN Services is your trusted partner for delivering superior quality and operational efficiency.

In education sector, the company is currently partnering with renowned international education group like Dulwich College and local education institutions from kindergarten to higher education to ensure students wellbeing on campus. ADEN Services’ integrated facility services tailored to education clients include onsite meals, coffee corner concepts, snack bar, catering and nutrition education, security solutions, health and safety audit,  maintenance, energy saving, air purification etc.

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