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National Business Daily: New trend for companies: Outsourcing facility management services

"Company catering, office building cleaning, security monitoring for premises ... Corporations can outsource all these kinds of service that are not their core business" said Mr. Augustin d'Orves, Marketing and Sales Administration Manager from ADEN Services to 'National Business Daily' yesterday, in a unique cafeteria managed by ADEN Services. He thought Shanghai with many multinational companies is an important place for facility services.

The outsourcing of facility management services (like security monitoring, canteen, cleaning, driver etc.) means companies select a professional service company and let them deliver an appropriate service. This will not only offer you more professional and better service but also can reduce your investment, increase the efficiency of your management, lower your operational cost and improve your company's competitiveness.

This kind of outsourcing service has developed quite well abroad. There are different types of outsourcing models. But in China now, the most familiar outsourcing service are technical and manpower only. Mr. d'Orves said, as the office buildings will increase rapidly, there will be more and more companies and office buildings that need to outsource this service. From food services such as company canteen and event catering to facility services such as security monitoring, maintenance, acrobatic works... these kinds of outsource service will develop fast in the coming 5 years.

Another obvious benefit of outsourcing is that the number of your employees could be lower, that means companies could reduce their expenditure and cost while getting more professional good service. Now more and more companies start outsourcing. "Office building can lower around 1% to 10% of their cost by outsourcing and company canteen can reduce around 10% to 15% of cost by outsourcing." In global economies and competition based on cost control, companies are willing to focusing more on their core business and outsourcing the management of their facilities.

Besides the advantages coming from outsourcing information technology, the outsourcing of facility management in developing countries is also an important part. As a French company, ADEN Services mainly focuses on the Southeast Asian markets like fast-expanding economies: China , Vietnam and Laos instead of operations in France . "Multinational companies require international service standards" Augustin d'Orves said, ADEN Services communication lines and corporate culture are closer to the idea of multinational companies' management which is different from local companies. Therefore they would rather cooperate with ADEN Services even if the cost is sometimes 1% to 2% higher. As the more international development of local companies, they will split the core business and facility management step by step. The market of facility management services will develop fast.

Nowadays, ADEN Services partners with thousands of clients in China , offer hundreds of factories canteen. Their have a wide range of clients including lots of famous international companies, education schools, clinics and remote sites. The management of this company said they will keep developing their business in office buildings, residential area management as well as in hotels and resorts to accompany the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Yanqing Huang

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