Energy Services: LED retrofit brightens Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences

Energy Services: LED retrofit brightens Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences
Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) recently called on ADEN Services-ALTEREA, to create a lighting equation that would result in better quality light and lower energy with controlled life-cycle maintenance. Following the bidding process, SIHS selected ADEN Services-ALTEREA to undergo a lighting upgrade of their 110,000sqm facilities located in Shanghai.
Our Client

Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences is one of the first “National Model Professional Universities”. It is an important base for training healthcare professionals and is regarded as an advanced institution of vocational education in Shanghai.

Formerly Shanghai Second Medical University Health Technical College founded in 1999, the new campus of Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences was put into use in September 2006 in Shanghai International Medical Zone. Capable of accommodating over 4000 students, SIHS covers an area of 64 acres with the floor space of over 110,000 square meters and composed of 13 buildings.


The Challenge

The Five-Year plan adopted by the Chinese government devotes considerable attention to energy and climate change. Phasing-out inefficient incandescent lamps is one of China's energy conservation and emission reduction goals.  

The university lighting accounts for a whopping 35 % of the energy bill; lighting is a very resource-hungry utility. It becomes especially wasteful when the lights aren't operating at their most efficient and therefore haemorrhages funds that could be better used elsewhere.

SIHS specifically wanted to use less energy, to reduce the need for maintenance compared to the less efficient options, to improve safety and learning environment with better light quality, and finally to establish a long term Energetic strategic plan, with in mind reducing its overall energy bills and environment footprint.


Our Solution

7,000 LED bulbs & sensors installation
Intelligent bi-level lighting
Electric distribution upgrade  

ADEN Services-ALTEREA team of experts proposed a tailor-made LED lighting retrofit plan to address SIHS concerns. On the docket for replacement are walkways, driveways, parking lots, building and classrooms lights and fixtures. As part of the retrofit project which started earlier this month, all lighting structure, currently mostly incandescent light bulbs, will be switched to light-emitting diodes (LED) systems requiring the replacement and installation of 7000 LED bi-level lighting. ADEN Services-ALTEREA has selected this technology for the extreme efficiency that LED light bulbs are able to produce and the longevity that they are able to achieve.

In addition, ADEN Services-ALTEREA is realizing a complete upgrade of the electric distribution network, necessary for an optimized retrofit.

The ADEN Services-ALTEREA installation also features adaptive lighting, which means the luminaires increase illumination levels when vehicles or pedestrians pass by, via sensors. This bi-level lighting has sensors that maintain a lower level of lighting when no one is in the zoom but move to full power as soon as a person or a vehicle are detected entering the area.


The Benefits

With ADEN Services-ALTEREA solutions designed for SIHS, not only are the lights expected to be more energy efficient, they will also produce less light pollution, giving the campus a more pleasing white glow, offering a bright light output and producing a crisp, clean illumination important to the educational setting.

  • 35% Reduction of lighting system consumption
  • Estimated payback time of 8 months
  • Illuminance of 500 LUX achieved
  • Efficient and even-light distribution with improved lighting performance
  • Uniform targeted illumination & cost savings from reduced maintenance and relamping
  • No lighting failures expected for the next coming years
  • Minimized energy consumption, disposal cost and light pollution
  • Improved safety with reduced presence of hazardous gasses 
  • Compliant facilities
  • Minimized carbon footprint
  • Strengthened SIHS image as up-to-date with environmentally friendly
  • technological innovation
ADEN Services–ALTEREA together with Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences have laid the foundation for a long term Energy Plan of which the implementation of an Energy Management System is the next step. The EMS will allow to monitor, control, and optimize the energy performance.


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