Joachim Poylo and ADEN Services in the French media

The success story of Joachim Poylo and ADEN Services is in the newest edition of the French business magazine “Challenges”

Succeed in Asia - The Amazing rise of ADEN Services

 “Our first Chinese customer was Haier, 18,000 meals per day !” Joachim Poylo, ADEN Services

 Joachim Poylo arrived in Asia as a student, and built in 15 years a multi-national company providing integrated services which has reached sales of 180 Million-USD, and employs 15,000 people.

After opening the Asian market for Sodexo, he created ADEN Services in 1997, first in Vietnam, then quickly in China.

Joachim remembers “when we created the company there, the word “staff canteen” did not even exist, the police was in charge of the security, and there was no maintenance” .

Since then, his strategy has not changed, go first, where the competition is not yet established. “After Beijing, we went to Qingdao in 2001, and we met with Haier, our first Chinese customer, 18,000 meals per day!”

Today, in China, it is understood that well-being is a key factor to retain employees, and that it is important to rely on a partner able to provide such services with international standards.

“80% of our activities are in China” says the pioneer. “Beside China, we are also present in Central Asia, in South-East Asia, and in Africa. We are often pioneers, creating the offer and the market”

Even if the investors partnering with Joachim Poylo are 100% French, the entrepreneur has cut the mother country's apron strings. “I have only one life. I have decided to come to Asia 20 years ago because I wanted to build something. I have not changed my mind.” 


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