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2015-12-07 ADEN Services vietnam organized event attended by 1,300 persons for their important customer
2015-10-27 A look back at ADEN Services at China Security Expo in Beijing
2015-10-27 ADEN Services honored by Volkswagen for crisis support after ‘8.12’ Tianjin Blasts
2015-10-14 Meet ADEN Services at the Security Expo in Beijing
2015-09-30 ADEN Services China receives 10-year supplier award from Konica Minolta
2015-09-11 ADEN Services Kicks off School Season with New Contracts
2015-08-11 ADEN Services CSR campaign #100GREENDAYS Supporting LIN’s Narrow the Gap
2015-07-21 Leading educational facility selects ADEN Services Vietnam
2015-07-16 ADEN Services Won New Contracts in the residential Properties Sector
2015-05-04 ADEN Services ink energy efficiency partnership deal with State Grid Shanghai Company
2015-04-15 ADEN Services supports China’s 1st Handicapped Workshop
2015-04-13 ADEN Services Foodservice: going the extra mile in Vietnam
2015-03-30 Continue Earth Hour celebration with ADEN Services-ALTEREA
2015-03-27 LED retrofit lightens up the factory of the world’s leading FMCG Company
2015-03-26 ADEN Services wins a new Foodservice contract in Vietnam
2015-03-18 ADEN services signs a new contract in Indonesia with Hillconjaya Sakti
2015-03-12 ADEN Services celebrates 15 Years in China
2015-02-04 ADEN Services signs new contract with Enyour - Nantong premium elderly care community
2014-12-24 Season’s Greetings from ADEN Services