Bảo trì Dự Đóan

Bảo trì Dự Đóan

  • What is PDM
    Predictive maintenance (PdM) is performed based on the diagnosis and monitoring of the condition of the equipment. It can be applied to both production process systems and factory facilities. It is particularly suitable for the equipment which is critical, has unpredictable failure patterns, or does not show regular wear and tear, as well as for equipment failure caused by inappropriate PM. It can detect potential issues and problems of the equipment early on, and reduce the repair cost, inventory cost for spare parts and unplanned downtime. ADEN has an experienced and professional PdM team, and by integrating the rich experience of Europe and the US in practical applications, ADEN strives to promote and upgrade the applications of PdM and testing techniques in various industries in China. With PdM in place, we can discover potential failure and problems earlier, and give targeted suggestions and solutions, minimise unplanned downtime, and ensure clients’ productions and operations are uninterrupted.
  • PdM Advantages
  1. Planned
  2. Precisely targeted
  3. Cost can be estimated
  4. Low repair cost
  5. Potential issues and problems can be detected early on


  • PdM Services
  1. Vibration Analysis
  2. Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection
  3. Ultrasonic Detection
  4. Ultrasonic Detection
  5. Oil Analysis & Management
  6. Laser Alignment
  7. Dynamic Balance
  • Main Industries for PdM Applications
  1. Biopharmaceutical industry
  2. Machining industry
  3. Mining industry
  4. Chemical industry
  5. Automobile and related parts manufacturing
  6. Paper industry
  7. Food industry
  8. Power plants
  • Contact 
  1. Harry Xu /许兴华
  2. Tel: (86 10) 65 38 90 99 - ext 615
  3. Mobile: 13910731734
  4. Email: pdm@adenservices.com

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