Energy Solutions

ADENERGY: Innovative, clean, and smart Energy solutions 

Green, distributed energy management
ADENERGY solves problems at the root by producing local renewable energy bases that ensure both quality and availability.

The future is green. Explore alternative energy solutions to achieve lower energy consumption and lower operating costs.


With the growing trend of development toward smart cities, IoT networked solutions, and environmentally friendly power options, ADEN has developed a suite of services that combine our expertise in project development, investment, construction and operation, all offered under the ADENERGY name.  

ADENERGY offers turnkey solutions for renewable energy. With our innovative, data-driven solutions, we are able to lower resource use and minimise carbon emissions by transitioning smoothly to reliable and flexible green alternatives.

From power generation to smart grids and power storage services, our solutions are networked and transparent from day one, providing highly efficient and green energy solutions for smart cities and factories. What's more, we provide these benefits without the large up-front costs of other renewable energy platforms, and without sacrificing reliability and flexibility.

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Our Services

Distributed Wind Generation

ADEN provides life-cycle management and service for distributed wind power systems, from project development to site analysis, construction and operation. Our next-generation turbines provide real-time safety and generation monitoring, and link seamlessly with our distributed storage services to provide best-in-class reliability and flexibility of energy usage. 

Gas Cogeneration

By making use of waste energy, ADENERGY can utilise cogeneration technology to provide overall efficiency levels 50% higher than traditional gas power. Our clean and efficient generation technology halves carbon emissions, while providing up to 20% cost savings to the end user.

Smart Energy Management

ADENERGY provides energy management solutions that make renewable energy reliable and transparent. Our power storage solutions are flexible, mobile, and can be easily attached to any source, providing robust reliability through a fee-based model that frees end-users from burdensome up-front costs.

Energy IOT

All our services are natively connected to the network, realising the true value of the internet of things. Networked devices, from production to storage services, provide real-time data across a range of status, safety, and efficiency sensors. ADENERGY's portal allows clients access to reporting functions, alerts, and cost-savings data in real time from anywhere in the world. 

Smart Grid Services

Efficiency emerges from innovation, and ADENERGY's innovative usage of distributed generation systems, IoT connectivity, and state-of-the-art monitoring software comes together to form a Smart Grid management system that provides resilience, efficient generation and distribution, and cost savings to all clients.

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