Energy management


Reduce emissions and optimize performance

Aden energy management solutions cut carbon footprints, while also improving how equipment performs over its lifecycle.

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Scalable, tech-backed energy solutions

Improve existing assets through digitalization, or totally transform your site to be a low-carbon operation. Aden Group offers energy management solutions that combine a variety of tools, technology and a flexible approach to improving your site’s efficiency.

Aden uses Akila to closely track, maintain and automate the systems powering your facilities. It is the centralized data platform, providing unprecedented transparency into the way your facility uses energy. Our technicians use this data to optimize energy use and reduce carbon impact, which is invaluable for proving regulatory and ESG compliance as well as the demands of your investors.

Energy management solutions

Asset upgrades & retrofits


Chillers, boilers and air compressors are the lifeblood of a plant, but at too many sites these utilities are running inefficiently. Aden finances, installs and operates upgraded, high-performing assets.

Compressed air management

Air leaks start small, but can quickly lead to high energy bills and CO2 emissions. Our audits typically find 20-30% leakage and can go as high as 50%. Aden acts fast to find and fix air leaks, with minimal disruption to your operations.

HVAC optimization

HVAC optimization delivers a smarter and more responsive system. Aden technicians link every asset (chillers, fans and central controller) to an IoT network and automate operation through machine learning via our AI platform.

Smart maintenance

Aden’s smart maintenance lets you plug your existing assets into an advanced suite of energy and maintenance technologies for a major jump in performance and value.

Energy management contract (EMC)

EMC Energy Management Contract Tera Energy

When it comes to energy and emissions, every small improvement can benefit your facility’s energy use. Partnering with Aden lets us find these opportunities for you, including sourcing and installing high efficiency appliances.

Other related solutions

Technical asset management

Facility maintenance is the backbone of efficiency. Keep your assets in top operating condition with Aden’s maintenance solution.

Smart buildings

Linking the physical operations in your building with a smart building platform can improve asset performance, raise the quality of life and cut carbon.

More energy & environmental solutions
Microgrid solutions

Finance, build, and operate a microgrid at your site, using a state-of-the-art smart energy platform to optimize efficiency and cut carbon.

电动汽车充电站 充电桩 电动汽车解决方案
EV charging solutions

Install EV charging points at your office building, factory, or public transportation terminals.

Waste management

Turn-key management of your site’s waste, including equipment, operations and digitalized traceability.


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