Energy management


Reduce emissions and optimize performance with AI + IoT
Monitor energy use and link all assets inside a digital twin platform to take control of your site’s energy management.
digitalized energy management solutions help improve energy efficiency

Take control of your energy management with a turn-key and tech-backed solution

Aden Group and Tera Energies offer energy management solutions that combine a variety of tools, technology and a flexible approach to improving your site’s efficiency. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing assets, Aden and Tera can design a tailor-made plan to fit your needs. We integrate technology, investment, installation, operation and maintenance into a single turn-key contract, which optimizes energy use, cuts emissions and delivers savings.

A smarter energy management system linking assets, operations and stakeholders

Aden and Tera’s award-winning AI-powered platform optimizes asset performance while reducing wasted energy. The platform closely tracks, maintains and automates the systems powering your facilities. It operates as a single source of data to provide unprecedented transparency into the way your facility uses energy, which is invaluable for proving regulatory compliance as well as the demands of your investors.

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Energy management solutions

Energy station

Tera energies energy management efficient energy station

Chillers, boilers and air compressors are the lifeblood of a plant, but at too many sites these utilities are running inefficiently. Tera finances, installs and operates upgraded, high-performing assets.

Compressed air management

compressed air leak energy management tera energies

Air leaks start small, but can quickly lead to high energy bills and CO2 emissions. Our audits typically find 20-30% leakage and can go as high as 50%. Tera acts fast to find and fix air leaks, with minimal disruption to your operations.

HVAC optimization

HVAC optimization solutions tera energies

HVAC optimization delivers a smarter and more responsive system. Tera technicians link every asset (chillers, fans and central controller) to an IoT network and automate operation through machine learning via our AI platform.

Smart maintenance

smart predictive and preventive maintenance tera energies

Tera’s smart maintenance lets you plug your existing assets into Tera’s advanced suite of energy and maintenance technologies for a major jump in performance and value.

Energy management contract (EMC)

emc energy management contract tera energies

When it comes to energy and emissions, every small improvement can benefit your facility’s energy use. Partnering with Aden and Tera lets us find these opportunities for you, including sourcing and installing high efficiency appliances.

More energy & environmental solutions
renewable energy solutions on-site solar and wind power
Renewable energy
renewable energy solutions

Aden and Tera bring you the expertise, resources and investment to built and operate robust renewable-energy infrastructure at your site. Decentralized energy is here to stay. Aden helps you join the clean-energy revolution right here and right now.

waste management solutions
Waste management
waste management solutions icon

Environmental impact has moved into the top tier of business concerns. Meet the expectations of your clients, stakeholders and governmental regulations with Aden and SUEZ’s waste management solutions.

Electric vehicle charging station EV charging point EV solutions
EV charging solutions
EV charging solutions icon

Electric vehicle charging stations are now becoming a necessary part of facilities and infrastructure. Whether you are a business or a government, providing access to EV charging points is a challenge you will face to provide your people with a better experience.


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