High-volume catering

High-volume catering services

A better food service offer for a higher quality environment
On-time, on point, and always ready to provide excellent service. Aden’s high-volume catering service prioritizes higher quality and better experiences.
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Catering, customized for a better food service experience

Factories, hospitals, schools, offices—wherever you work, Aden has the experience and expertise to deliver high-volume catering solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to design catering and food service based on our clients’ exact needs. No matter where you are, how many people you have and any dietary requirements.

Higher standards of safety, traceability and communication

Aden’s catering offer is more than just great food service. Our experts create a solution that puts food safety, traceability and communication at the forefront. We use digital tools to track, trace and guarantee food is transparently sourced and rigorously inspected before it reaches your table. Our staff is highly trained in HACCP standards and regularly receives continuous safety and compliance training and reviews. In our commitment to continuous improvement, we prioritize communication with our clients to provide service that exceeds and pleases.

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More food service solutions
Canteen technical design
Design & consulting
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Laying the foundations for better food service with the right space. Dining experiences start from the design of the space. From colors to lighting, Aden’s experienced designers know how to make the ideal space to eat.

workplace café services solutions
Oxygen café
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A flexible-use café that creates a hub for collaboration, relaxation, and events. Oxygen is tailored to the specifications of your location, from a coffee stand to a flagship space for more than 100 guests.

Events & community engagement
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The best food service grows from a cycle of communication, emphasizing satisfaction and improvement.

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High-end catering
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Catering meets high-level food service execution. We leverage teams with an extensive hospitality background and introduce the latest innovation into our offer, working with the A-list of experts and partners in the market.


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