Smart facility management solutions

Data-driven, human-centric facility management solutions

Aden’s integrated facility management solutions are designed to improve the environment and quality of life at the place people spend half their lives: the workplace. We believe that technology is the best way to do that. Digitalizing the way we manage facilities delivers increased transparency, efficiency, and control for our clients.

However, we know that the best solutions are the ones that still emphasize the human touch. With our over 26,000 employees and the latest technological solutions, Aden is on a mission to make our clients’ workplaces a better place to be. 

About Aden

With its roots in Asia, Aden is an International Integrated Facility Management (IFM) specialist and is always at the forefront of the latest technology

Our facility management solutions

We serve our clients by covering the four key elements of Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solutions


Sustainability starts here

We promote green workplaces and provide clean energy solutions to reduce your environmental impact.

Renewable energy
Energy efficiency management
EV solutions
Waste management


Optimizing and securing your assets

We provide one-stop IFM solutions that will maximize transparency, efficiency and optimization of your assets

Security & Safety Services
Technical Assets Management
Robotics Manufacturing Automation & Smart Financing


Improving quality of life and workplace efficiency

Food service that fuels productivity, satisfaction and tells the world what kind of company you are.

High-volume catering
High-end catering
Oxygen Café
Design and constultancy
Events and community engagement


Empower buildings, empower cities, empower people.

We accelerate the digital transformation for your business by using the latest technological solutions available on the market

Managed services

Flexible facility management solutions

We have 20 years of experience in providing customized solutions for our clients covering all aspects of the built environment including energy, environment and handling needs.

Tell us what you need. We’ll help you find the right solutions for you!

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