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Renewable Energy

Aden, through our renewable-energy joint venture, gives you the expertise, resources and investment to built and operate robust renewable-energy infrastructure at your site. Decentralized energy is here to stay. Aden helps you join the clean-energy revolution right here and right now.

Energy Efficiency Management

Chillers, boilers, compressors, HVAC – the better they perform, the less energy you use and lower your carbon emissions will be.

Waste Management

Environmental impact has moved into the top tier of business concerns, and made waste management central to the fight for sustainability. Government regulations on waste are steadily getting stricter, increasing operational challenges and the risk of fines. Meanwhile, employees and customers are thinking more about where their waste goes, and demanding that companies adopt sustainable practices.


Akouzen’s state-of-the-art acoustic panels control noise levels in any space. Our expert-designed panels enhance your building’s atmosphere and provide a sound solution with measurable impact on your facility’s environment and workplace productivity.

Green fit-out & workplace solutions

Our team of experienced engineers and developers are experts in remaking work spaces to create green and energy-optimised designs that promote well-being.


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