Energy solutions & environmental services

Energy solutions & environmental services

Sustainability starts here
We help you create a healthier, greener, more sustainable work environment for your employees
Renewable energy
Energy management
Waste management

Energy solutions from a network of experts

Aden Group leverages its expansive network of partners, such as SUEZ and Enersize, and our joint venture Tera Energies to transform the way your facility uses energy. Aden integrates and delivers comprehensive solutions including energy management, on-site renewable energy and environmental services to cut carbon and improve efficiency.

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Making clean energy accessible

We believe that clean and efficient energy should be available to every business that wants to make a difference. Aden’s energy solutions are designed to be turn-key, meaning that we handle the whole project from design to operation. We can even finance the entire project with our Energy as a Service contract for clients looking to transform energy use.

Our services
Renewable Energy

Aden and Tera bring you the expertise, resources and investment to built and operate robust renewable-energy infrastructure at your site. Decentralized energy is here to stay. Aden helps you join the clean-energy revolution right here and right now.

Energy management

Improve your existing energy-using assets such as chillers, boilers, air compressors and HVAC or upgrade to a totally new highly efficient energy station. All energy solutions can digitally link with our AI+IoT platform, giving you unprecedented control and transparency into your energy use.

Waste Management

Environmental impact has moved into the top tier of business concerns. Meet the expectations of your clients, stakeholders and governmental regulations with Aden and SUEZ’s waste management solutions.