Food services

Food services

Quality service, quality food, quality experience.
Food service that fuels productivity, satisfaction and tells the world what kind of company you are.
Aden Group Food services, catering for the workplace, schools, hospitals and more

Flexible food service and dining spaces to power your workforce

Today’s employees are looking for a welcoming, flexible workplace environments where wellness, comfort and experience are given top priority. Where better to start than in your dining spaces, the place where employees meet, collaborate and recharge. Aden manages and optimizes the total food service process end-to-end, from complex design and regulatory compliance to long-term operation and customer and community engagement.

Smart, sustainable & safe food service solutions

Food service is about the experience, but it’s also about innovation. Aden puts the best technologies in the hands of our well-trained staff. We create food spaces where energy and waste are carefully monitored and reported, where equipment performance and food safety are closely tracked and staff is given ongoing training in sustainable practices.

Our solutions
food service and catering solutions 公司配餐 餐饮服务
High-volume catering
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Food service at scale whether you run a school, factory or hospital. Aden knows how to deliver with quality and dependability, day in and day out.

high-end catering and food service solutions AdenEdge
High-end catering
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Catering meets high-level food service execution. We leverage teams with an extensive hospitality background and introduce the latest innovation into our offer, working with the A-list of experts and partners in the market.

food service technical design and consulting menu design, cafeteria design and restaurant design
Design & consulting
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Laying the foundations for better food service with the right space. Dining experiences start from the design of the space. From colors to lighting, Aden’s experienced designers know how to make the ideal space to eat.

workplace café food service solutions
Oxygen café
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A flexible-use café that creates a hub for collaboration, relaxation, and events. Oxygen is tailored to the specifications of your location, from a coffee stand to a flagship space for more than 100 guests.

events and community engagement with Aden food service solutions
Events & community engagement
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You understanding your customers. Your customers understanding you. It’s a vital relationship that Aden can help you build, combining interactive platforms and events to create a true community space and a cycle of improvement.

Our commitments


The environmental crises of today require every industry and business to take action. From sourcing to packaging to waste management, Aden’s food service is serious about sustainability. From the highest level to the daily practices and training of our staff.


Aden’s food service is only as good as the trust of our clients. That’s why we take zero room for error to provide safe food. We offer total reliability across supply chains, traceability, hygiene practices and quality control–guaranteed by HACCP training and digital tracking.


The best teams equipped with the best digital tools. We leverage virtual twin, AI, IoT and robotics allow us to offer a new level of efficiency and data-based optimization, while allowing our staff to focus even more on offering great service to customers. People and technology: some things simply go better together.