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Aden Group

Aden Group is an Asia-based, Asia-focused company with a 20-year history of driving change in the integrated facility management (IFM) industry. We know the business terrain in Asia like no other IFM provider, and use our global network to deliver customized solutions with powerful results.

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Transforming the built environment

We partner with businesses and governments in 25+ countries to optimize the built environment at every level: facility managementenergy and environmental impact and smart building integration. We manage it all on your behalf, allowing you to focus on core business while we focus on transforming your facility to be high-performing and high-value.

We have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies to deliver a platform that accelerates opportunity for businesses and people, making their buildings smart, connected and responsive to the long-term trends that are already reshaping the world economy.

Our history


Founded in Asia, to serve the new needs of Asia

Aden was founded in Asia at a time of transformation. Many still saw it as the “factory of the world”, based on manpower and simple services. We knew they were wrong, and that Asia was becoming the heart of innovation and needed strategic solutions to meet new evolving needs in the FM industry. Starting in Vietnam, we soon expanded and set up our global HQ in Shanghai. Unlike the traditional players, we were on the ground with our clients from day one, not copy-pasting what had been done before, but developing a new kind of IFM based on a deep understanding of our core strategic region and our clients.


Expansion in China and globally

The market responded. With a fast-growing base of clients, Aden expanded its presence across China, reaching a presence in more than 80 cities and all regions of the country. At the same time, Aden was making inroads worldwide, both in facility management and camp management through our RSM (Remote Sites) division. Over the course of a decade, Aden expanded across the ASEAN region, into Africa, Central Asia and Latin America.


IFM and transformation

In 2015, Aden kicked off an ambitious transformation roadmap, taking a pioneering position in Asia’s facilities industry, moving towards IFM, sustainable solutions and digitalization. Based on our experience managing industrial, commercial, healthcare and education facilities, we began creating and implementing digital tools for IFM that were deeply informed by the need we saw among clients for greater standardization and professionalization of services and a base of operational data. It was the start of a long journey, ultimately leading to the foundation of Akila.

2016 – 2021

Growing beyond IFM

To realize our goal of decarbonization and truly comprehensive optimization of buildings, Aden Group recognized the need to develop its offer beyond IFM. We founded a series of joint ventures and strategic collaborations, giving us the capacity to deliver full optimization to our clients, managing their buildings and data holistically. To achieve this, Aden created joined forces for clean and renewable energy (Tera Energies) and Dassault Systèmes for simulation and digital twin (Akila).


Digitalization for decarbonization, powered by digital twin

With the launch of Akila, Aden Group opened a new chapter in its history. Using the Akila platform as its core data software across all of its entities, Aden Group is now able to leverage a platform capable of digitalizing the entire property lifecycle for both greenfield and brownfield projects and managing at a portfolio-level scale.


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