About Aden


About Aden

Aden Group is an Asia-based, Asia-focused company with a 20-year history of driving change in the integrated facility management (IFM) industry. We know the business terrain in Asia like no other IFM provider, and use our global network to deliver customized solutions with powerful results.

We partner with businesses and governments in 25+ countries to optimize the built environment at every level: energy use and environmental impact; digitally-optimized and trackable on-site services; rentals and management of facility robotics. We manage it all on your behalf, allowing you to focus on core business while we focus on transforming your facility to be high-performing and high-value.

We have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative companies to deliver a platform that accelerates opportunity for business and people, making their buildings smart, connected and responsive to the long-term trends that are already reshaping the world economy.

We optimize energy, assets, sustainability and quality-of-life services in the built environment and worksites.
About Aden Group facility management

Aden is …

  • Tech-oriented and innovative

AI. IoT. Virtual twin. Robotics. We can use them all to better predict maintenance & service needs; optimize energy, space management & human comfort; and balance human excellence with automated solutions.

  • Customized and responsive

We carefully study each client’s needs, designing a unique solution that integrates the best of our network and talent to overcome their challenges and generate value.

  • Asia-based with a global reach

We were born and built in Asia. Our success is rooted in a deep regional expertise and the network we’ve built here. But we’re also a global player, active in 25+ countries and ready for action in many more.

  • A single point of contact in a complex world

In one platform, Aden manages, coordinates, optimizes and delivers detailed KPI reporting on a wide scope of technical and quality-of-life services. We make it simple so your business can put all of its focus

Our services

We serve our clients by covering the four key elements of integrated facility management solutions


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