Remote Mining & Industrial Camps

Accelerate your camp’s efficiency roadmap

Remote camps managed to international standards.

Take your camp to the next level of performance and sustainability, no matter where you are. Aden delivers global resources to industrial and mining camps in the farthest corners of the world, with end to end solutions for camp logistics, design, capex-free financing, O&M and comprehensive ESG data.

manage and optimize the whole scope of your camp digitally.

From West Africa to Southeast Asia, Aden builds on +25 years in the business of camp management, energy and digital innovation.

Combining long experience with our powerful digital platform Akila, we can manage and optimize the whole scope of your camp, for its entire lifetime.

Pre-build: BIM-based site design with carbon-lifecycle analysis.
Infrastructure and construction: Capex financing and data-backed PMO.
Operations: Turn-key solutions for full camp efficiency, reliability, HSE and quality of life.
ESG & Compliance: full data tracking and performance analytics of your site, from individual equipment to full camp portfolios.

A global footprint in the remote camps sector


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End-to-end camp optimization

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Facility management & life services

Ensure the best hygiene, comfort, quality of life and functionality at your camp.

Comprehensive management of your camp’s day-to-day operations, built on international standards of excellence including ISO, as well as a deep commitment to working with local communities for hiring and professional development, purchasing and localized needs.

We not only ensuring  the quality of life services at your camps, but can also manage all maintenance and technical servicing to your camp’s critical infrastructure for electricity, secuurity, and building management.



Sustainable energy and utilities

Accelerate your camp’s decarbonization and green energy resources while ensuring far higher reliability from your critical assets. Whether you are planning a new project, or looking for better performance from your existing utilities, we are here to help.

Working in close coordination with our partner company Aden Energies, our Group resources allow full planning, financing and installation of renewable micro-grids, EV and utility infrastructure, with continuous O&M and optimization, ensured through our data platform, Akila.



ESG & performance dashboarding

Access complete and user-friendly analytics about your site’s asset, energy and financial performance, while overcoming the biggest hurdle to good ESG practice: data collection and management.

Our platform can track, centralize and visualize all key data, from a single piece of equipment, to a full facility or camp, up to a whole international portfolio of camps. We provide a transparent and real-time view of key metrics such as energy consumption, waste, and carbon footprint.

Fleet management

Let us help you monitor, control and coordinate use of your haul trucks, forklifts and all the other vehicles that keep your camp running. Servicing, wear and tear maintenance, spare parts, and all other upkeep included.

We also ensure that you get the right vehicles at the right time, with best flexibility. Medium and long-term equipment leasing, allows you fast and flexible access to a fleet tailored for your precise needs.


Community, people & planet

We strive to be more than just a partner to business. We want to be a partner to the local communities that support you and your camp. We embed a comprehensive CSR approach to our actions, pursuing deep and lasting relationships with local communities in a variety of areas.

We are proud to have a track record of uninterrupted camp management at our various locations, a history achieved through sustained commitment to local purchasing, hiring and reinvestment in the community through environmental and educational outreach.

Our key commitments:

  • Purchase and hire locally whenever feasible
  • Open opportunity to employees through ongoing training
  • Reduce carbon footprint and waste through energy and supply chain efficiency
  • Commit to reforesting, local agriculture and education initiatives.
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