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Food service design & consulting

Expert technical design to improve your space
We design and deliver spaces that carefully balance practical, environmental and regulatory needs
food service design and technical consulting

From the colors on your plate to the colors on your wall—Aden’s experts deliver bespoke food service design and consulting

The best food experiences are ones that take not just taste into account, but all senses. The sights, sounds and smells of your dining space all leave impressions on your guests. It also means making the best use of your space. Aden’s food service and technical designers have over two decades of experience working in a huge range of facilities. We work with every type of space, from factories to office parks and from schools to hospitals and more.

Delivering quality projects on a faster timeline

Our consultants have the know-how to streamline and ensure a smooth licensing process when revamping a food service space. We have a deep knowledge of the codes and regulations needed to keep your space compliant. Our time in the industry means that you spend less money and time waiting for your space.

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More food service solutions
food service and catering solutions 公司配餐 餐饮服务
High-volume catering
contractual catering icon

Food service at scale whether you run a school, factory or hospital. Aden knows how to deliver with quality and dependability, day in and day out.

high-end catering and food service solutions AdenEdge
High-end catering
AdenEdge high-end catering icon

Catering meets high-level food service execution. We leverage teams with an extensive hospitality background and introduce the latest innovation into our offer, working with the A-list of experts and partners in the market.

workplace café food service solutions
Oxygen café
oxygen workplace cafe icon

A flexible-use café that creates a hub for collaboration, relaxation, and events. Oxygen is tailored to the specifications of your location, from a coffee stand to a flagship space for more than 100 guests.

events and community engagement with Aden food service solutions
Events & community engagement
catering and food service events icon

You understanding your customers. Your customers understanding you. It’s a vital relationship that Aden can help you build, combining interactive platforms and events to create a true community space and a cycle of improvement.


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