Facility management solutions

Facility management solutions

Integrated solutions
Aden combines all energy, food service, MRO and rental solutions into a single package for added value, transparency and quality of life.
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Integrated facility management solutions

Integrate and upgrade your facility management

Facility and building managers know that at any moment there are hundreds, if not thousands, of moving pieces and people that they are responsible for to ensure proper facility operations. This challenge is only amplified when using multiple facility vendors. Aden Group offers an Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solution that takes every aspect facility management service needs and puts them into a single service package with a single point of contact.

Flexible facility solutions for any facility needs

Even if you aren’t looking to integrate your solutions just yet, Aden can still help upgrade your facility with our energy, food service, hard & soft service solutions. Whatever it is that you need at your site, we can deliver. Take a look at our core offerings below and get in contact with us today for a quote.

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Upgrade your workplace experience, boost your ESG scores and get smarter about how you are managing your facilities.

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facility management and food service for schools

Aden works with some of the most respected educational institutions in Asia. We deliver facility management solutions ranging from food service, cleaning and security to fully integrated smart facility management.

Industrial and manufacturing

industrial facility management and contract catering

We have been working with clients in the industrial sector for over two decades. Aden’s facility solutions for the industrial and manufacturing sector focus on delivering optimized operations so our clients can focus on core business needs.


Medical facility management

Our healthcare clients include major hospitals and clinics, as well as senior and assisted living centers. Aden’s healthcare experts know the intricacies of care center facilities and can put together facility management packages that emphasize comfort for those who need it most.


Commercial facility management

The offices of today are looking to create more collaborative and higher-quality workplace experiences for their employees. Simultaneously, pressures from boards, investors and employees are driving offices into a new era of sustainability. Aden’s facility management for offices delivers on all of these fronts.


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