Aden presents at Special Forum on Sino-French Artificial Intelligence Cooperation

ADEN CIO Howard Wang spoke at the Special Forum on Sino-French Artificial Intelligence Cooperation yesterday, part of the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019. At the event, Howard joined in a panel discussion on smart transportation and mobility, together with Philippe Obry, director of innovation, Dassault Systemes, Liu Fangyu, Deputy general manager of Colorful Guizhou Airlines and Antoine Couret, President of France AI Hub. The discussion focused on mobility innovation and cost reduction through greater efficiency. During his talk, Howard shared how ADEN’s innovative technology is driving progress backed by the power of big data and AI via Adenergy’s IoT platform.

Progress in smart transportation and mobility is a major part of the transformation of today’s cities into smart cities. ADEN is leading this transformation with its advanced IFM solutions and technologies, harnessing the power of innovation to make urban living more convenient and enjoyable.