Latest News

2018-12-19 ADEN welcomes our newest client PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery in Indonesia
2018-12-18 ADEN won the Contest of Best Practice for Happiness Company
2018-12-11 A delegation from a nursing company in Nagoya at ADEN HQ
2018-12-05 ADEN Vietnam announced serving Imperia Garden Hanoi with IFM solutions
2018-11-28 ADEN has won a contract to provide its IFM services at Indonesia’s Talang Santo
2018-11-27 ADEN welcomed a group of French startups to visit ADEN headquarters in Shanghai
2018-11-26 ADEN delivered a keynote speech at a business conference organised by the Shenzhen Japanese CCI
2018-11-23 ADEN organized a Vietnam Recipes Guest Chef event in Ho Chi Minh City
2018-11-22 Battery Energy Storage Is A $620 Billion Opportunity As Costs Continue To Crash
2018-11-19 ADEN witnessed Lujia Autumn Trade Investment Promotion Fair
2018-11-16 ADEN salutes its partner Charles Bark and his groundbreaking team HiNounou–winners of the 2018 DIA Munich special award
2018-11-15 Chengdu Chenghua district delegation visited ADEN Headquarters
2018-11-14 ADEN Partners with KFMA to Host International Conference, Showcase the Future of Smart IFM
2018-11-14 ADEN Vietnam is proud to partner with the Vietnam Digital Economy Forum
2018-11-06 ADEN Joins Tech and Government in Kunshan to Advance the 4th Industrial Revolution 
2018-11-05 Committed to Globalisation, ADEN to help bridge continents at China International Import Expo
2018-10-24 ADEN Opens Japan Office, Boosting Regionalisation Progress
2018-10-24 ADEN joined the 2018 Optics Valley Sino-International Entrepreneurs Summit in Wuhan
2018-10-16 ADEN Presents the Power of Blockchain for Food Safety
2018-10-09 ADEN announces the launch of ADENERGY