ADEN’s Michelin-star chef leads tasting tour at Wellington College Shanghai

Wellington College, a prestigious and traditional British school, partnered with ADEN to provide its students with a series of special classes on food and nutrition recently in Shanghai. ADEN’s own Michelin-starred chef Jerome Laurent led the tasting tour, explaining the importance of a balanced and healthy diet while highlighting the pupils’ own abilities to make great-tasting dishes. Each class ended with a message regarding the wider cultural context of food and its importance in every country in the world. Following Chef Jerome’s visit to Wellington, pupils positively reflected on the importance of food and nutrition.

ADEN is proud to share ideas and experiences around food with Wellington students, encouraging them to lead healthy lives and become global citizens with global mindsets. With its digital food solutions, ADEN looks forward to deepening its cooperation with Wellington and continuing to provide nourishment for the health and future of its students.