Turning words into actions: Qingdao signs with Aden as a strategic development partner

Aden Group signs development agreement with Qingdao

On March 1st, Aden formalized a multi-level development plant with the Qingdao Municipal Government, building on an MOU signed earlier in the year. The agreement identifies areas of cooperation that specifically align with Qingdao’s ambitious economic development targets. Namely, to open a pathway for Qingdao to accelerate its efforts to attract further foreign direct investment (FDI), build up higher quality medical infrastructure and develop more high-level commercial and industrial space. All this will be achieved while keeping true to the city’s ambitious environmental goals and status as China’s capital of industrial internet.

Aden’s plan to deliver on these targets will happen primarily through three areas of development:

  • Turn-key commercial and industrial development through Smart Park
  • The continuing development of cross-cultural business and technology ties through the construction of a brand-new Innovation Lab
  • Collaboration with new energy projects Tera Energies

A space for collaboration, inspiration and mutual development between France and Qingdao

The Innovation Lab was a central part of the discussion at the ceremony. It will serve as a meeting place and collaborative space for France and Qingdao’s business and industry leaders. Sitting on an area of 20,000m2, the Lab’s design is inspired by French cultural elements such as the iris—the country’s national flower. The site will be highly eco-friendly, with 35% of the total area dedicated to green space and the facility itself designed with environmentally conscious features such as rainwater harvesting. Once completed, the structure will serve as a monument to the spirit of shared innovation and cultural exchange between France and Qingdao.

Qingdao’s acceleration: from planning to action

A central theme was reinforced at the ceremony: this is the year to act. By partnering with Aden, Qingdao has a strategic partner who can bring to the table digital tools, automation and carbon-neutral solutions to meet its ambitious goals. Through turn-key medical infrastructure, industrial and commercial facilities and a dedicated space for innovation, Aden will work hand-in-hand with Qingdao to help the city succeed in its mission. With the steps taken this month, realizing that vision is closer than ever.


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