Technical Assets Management

Predictive and preventive facility maintenance

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smart maintenance for facilities

Facility maintenance for the smart building era

Facility demands are changing fast and increasingly connected. The new demand is smart factories and smart buildings, running on multi-energy systems. But how do you take your facility into the smart era, ensuring that your technical assets deliver long-lasting results?  Enter Aden’s facility maintenance solution: Technical Asset Management (TAM).

TAM’s tools are digitalization, IoT and e-maintenance. Our comprehensive, high-tech solutions get the very best from your energy, utilities and technical equipment. TAM’s clients can expect a serious boost in several areas:

  • Performance increases: expect better response time, environmental conditions (temperature, air quality, air pressure, etc.) and sustainability.
  • Resource savings: continual monitoring and control, optimizing your energy, assets and team.
  • Data transparency: know exactly how your assets are performing, with clear KPIs.

Our Services


Smart maintenance platform

Link, map and optimize all of your assets and systems through our AEMO platform. We offer clients a strategically-phased IoT strategy that takes you from quick and easy plug-in to comprehensive facility management powered by IoT and AI.

Concept & Design

Facilities maintenance service concept

Working closely with your organization, we’ll develop the concept, design and estimates for your technical assets upgrade. Our planning incorporates innovative technologies and sustainability from the start; TAM projects can ensure your facility’s LEED certification.


Technical asset sourcing and installation

Let TAM run the installation phase of your asset upgrade. We have long project experience and can take on full project-management and equipment-installation duties while you focus on your core business.

Operations & Management

Predictive and preventive asset maintenance

The heart of TAM’s services. We cover the full arsenal of maintenance solutions including IoT-based predictive maintenance, backed by our own human capital. We can source maintenance staff at all levels of specialization and commitment, whether you want a fly-in team at your call or full-time, embedded staff.

Supply (MRO)

MRO inventory management

Aden’s facility maintenance solution includes MRO service for all spare parts, shortening your company’s supply chain and avoiding slowdowns. Aden’s size and network means we can steadily source and supply parts at prices well below what a single company can negotiate, even custom-supplying specialty parts after original suppliers have gone out of business.

Audit & improvement

Facility management maintenance

Every company can benefit from expert advice. TAM will work closely with your organization to get a clear, comprehensive picture of your technical assets. We’ll also help uncover hidden costs and break down organizational walls that get in the way of total asset optimization.


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