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Clean environments keep people safe, and extend the lifespan of your facility

Finding a flexible and professional contract cleaning supplier is not an easy task. At Aden we understand there is much more to janitorial services than just a mop hitting the floor: we provide technically advanced, data-driven cleaning services that ensure the best treatment for your facilities.

Aden makes the process simple, with trustworthy cleaning staff and advanced technology ensuring only the best results. Our cleaning plans are developed through our proprietary workflow management application, which allows us to refine staff training, ensure accountability, and provide the most efficient cleaning services in any facility based on data analytics.

Our cleaning service solutions

Workplace cleaning & housekeeping


Our team hires and trains qualified staff who provide daily and periodic cleaning, event clean up, and deep clean services.

Cleaning equipment provision & maintenance

ADEN Cleaning Services Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Solutions

Aden provides heavy duty cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment. We comply with clean-room and GMP standard handling.

Industrial cleaning & industry-specific cleaning

We provide specialised services in a range of industries, including room service cleaning, medical waste disposal, and food service sanitation.

Robotic cleaning

Aden provides the latest in labor-saving technology. We provide and service cleaning robots that deliver autonomous, precision floor cleaning services 24/7.

Post construction cleaning & restorative cleaning

ADEN Cleaning Services Open House Cleaning Solutions

From rough-clean to final touch-up we handle top to bottom deep cleaning. Nothing is out of our reach, and no detail is too small.

Pest control

ADEN Cleaning Services Pest Control Solutions

Aden offers experienced and reliable preventive and corrective pest management programmes, tailored to your facility and needs.


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