Microgrid solutions

Microgrid solutions

Take total control of your energy

With Aden Group’s microgrid solution, your site can break free of an unreliable, fossil fuel-dependent energy grid

What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a localized energy grid that serves a person, community, or corporation by managing renewable and traditional energy sources in close proximity to a controller. By utilizing varied power on-site, microgrids provide freedom and flexibility.

Whether fully independent or designed to operate in tandem with the established power grid, a microgrid’s purpose is to provide more control, optimized performance and lower emissions. Aden can finance, build, and operate a microgrid at your site, using a state-of-the-art smart energy platform as a grid controller.

What benefits does a microgrid provide?

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Microgrids protect against unforeseen risks by being able to switch between on-site power, grid power and stored power.

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With on-site energy generation, a smart energy platform can optimize energy use to perform better with less expenditures.

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Low-carbon impact

Microgrids not only waste less energy due to on-site control, they also integrate renewable power and low-carbon assets.

Turn-key microgrid solution

We strive to make clean energy transitions as easy as possible for our clients, with a comprehensive package covering investment, installation and operation.

Project financing & investment

Cost is usually the most significant barrier slowing down clean energy projects. At Aden, we believe that businesses looking to transition to lower carbon, more reliable energy infrastructure should be able to do so without obstructions.

Leveraging our strong investment capability through ourselves and our global partnerships allows us to handle the Capex solutions on behalf of our clients.

Solar panel engineers are working on the microgrid installation.

Design & build

A microgrid can be simple or complex depending on the site or power needs. A simple grid might handle two sources of energy sufficient enough to power one building. A complex one might incorporate multiple renewable energy sources, require power from a traditional grid, and on occasion store excess power in batteries. It may need brand-new assets or involve heavy retrofitting.

Our engineers can design a solution tailored exactly to your needs. Our team has extensive experience with project builds and in-depth technical knowledge to put together the best plan for your site.

Akila Energy Microgrid Control Panel

Smart energy optimization

Our energy engineers use the Akila platform to optimize your microgrid. Akila is equipped with a powerful AI that automatically chooses the best balance between on-site energy and grid power and maximizes the efficient use and storage of energy.

Akila takes out the guessing game and lets us create a complete and detailed picture of your site’s real energy use, down to individual pieces of equipment.

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