Waste Management

Waste management solutions

Smarter waste solutions

With the right technology and management, the waste you generate at your site can go from a cost to an asset.

More compliant and more sustainable waste management

Whatever your sector – industrial, commercial, medical or educational – the trend lines are clear: waste management is becoming a major focus. On every front, from carbon cutting to corporate social responsibility and ESG, we are in a new era with new expectations. Companies that commit to transparent and sustainable waste-management practices will benefit. Those who wait to change will struggle with tougher government compliance rules and related penalties.

Our waste management solution is backed by Akila for tracking and tracing waste at your site. It gives stakeholders the transparency they need to more holistically understand how waste is produced and where it ends up. It also provides businesses with the numbers they need to stay compliant with regulations, improve ESG scores and measure their environmental impact.

What we do


commercial and industrial waste management consulting

Every site’s needs are different based on the waste they create. Solid waste, organic waste, hazardous waste and recyclables are all identified and categorized. Laws and regulations are checked. Then, our consultants will create a plan of action, including technical & processes design, routing, storage and disposal.

Equipment sourcing & installation

waste management equipment

We find the right equipment for the job and install it ourselves with no CapEx required. Our experts can identify the ideal assets to manage your waste, from standard equipment like compactors to specialty equipment that turns organic waste into fertilizer or energy.

On-site operation

waste management solutions

Every site will have dedicated operators who collect, sort, weigh, label and bale your waste. All waste is meticulously recorded inside FeiSight and scheduled for disposal in a way that minimizes landfilling and maximizes returns from sold, recycled or reused waste.


digitalized waste management software Feisight

All waste management operations are digitalized within Akila, whether in the form of a digital ledger or GPS tracking and tracing waste from production to disposal. Stakeholders will have transparent access to the real numbers of waste and carbon produced at the site, presented in dynamic reports.

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Renewable energy

Aden Group and Tera Energies partner to deliver on-site, distributed renewable energy for your business. Transform your site and join the clean energy revolution.

energy management solutions renewable energy solutions
Energy management

Chillers, boilers, compressors, HVAC – the better they perform, the less energy you use and lower your carbon emissions will be.

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