Waste Management

Waste management solutions

Trackable, smart waste management for the digital era
Transform waste from a cost to an asset

Environmental impact has moved into the top tier of business concerns, and made waste management central to the fight for sustainability. Government regulations on waste are steadily getting stricter, increasing operational challenges and the risk of fines. Meanwhile, employees and customers are thinking more about where their waste goes, and demanding that companies adopt sustainable practices.

The challenges are very real, but so are the opportunities. Aden Environment is dedicated to delivering on these opportunities – minimizing your facility’s waste footprint in a way that maintains and even improves business competitiveness. To that end, Aden has partnered with Suez, a waste management specialist ranked in the global top three.  Together, we can provide all the equipment and expertise needed to make your waste management transparent, traceable and profitable.

Partnership with Aden and Suez brings serious sustainability gains, and measurable benefits:
•    Cost optimization – a CapEx-free reduction in waste costs.
•    Full regulatory compliance – avoid fees by ensuring your site is fully compliant with regulations.
•    Digital monitoring – Track and trace waste operations to prove your sustainable practices.
•    Turn-key solutions – A total solution provided on-site.
•    Sustainability – The end goal of waste management.

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