EV solutions

EV charging solutions

Future-proof your site with EV charging

Installing EV charging stations prepares your site for the EV revolution and adds lasting value for current and future users.

EV solutions for commercial, industrial and municipal partners

With EV car sales rising across Asia and cities making commitments to go fully electric, there is no question that EV charging is now a key infrastructure for any top-level facility or municipality. EV charging stations are an investment that delivers critical carbon reduction and increases the long-term value of a property.

Aden and Tera work hand in hand with our partners in business and government to deliver and manage electric vehicle charging station solutions. Our turn-key solution encompasses the supply, installation and operation of EV charging points at the workplace and for public partners. It helps your business meet targets set at the corporate or public policy level, and improves your reputation as an ESG-focused entity for investors.

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People spend nearly half of their lives at the workplace, so it is no surprise nearly 40% of charging sessions happen there. Installing EV charging points at your commercial or industrial building provides needed infrastructure for your employees while hitting key sustainability and ESG commitments.


ev charging solution electric vehicle charging point for cities

Cities face pressure from their citizens and higher-level policymakers to provide EV charging infrastructure. Whether that is public transportation going electric or consumers making more eco-friendly choices, Aden and Tera can supply, install and operate EV charging stations to provide for your people.

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