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Data-based control of operations, emissions and compliance

With Akila, our all-in-one smart building platform, we’re helping clients use data to create facilities put people at the center and take productivity to a new level.

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Optimize operations while cutting your carbon footprint

Why do buildings remain such a huge contributor to the climate crisis? To start, the way they are managed remains fragmented and siloed, with little access to transparent data that can help building and portfolio managers optimize their asset performance and environmental impact. We are determined to change that.

Using the Akila digital twin platform, our smart building solution allows us to collect and analyze huge amounts of critical building data in real-time, using machine learning and AI-based simulation to give building and portfolio managers a comprehensive toolkit to optimize the built environment and its operations – from maintenance and energy to environmental services and workspace optimization.


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ESG Dashboard
Akila: an all-in-one building management platform

Learn more about the platform that is helping clients make major carbon reductions at sites around Asia.

What does a smart building provide?


Kill the spreadsheet. Move all of your data into a real-time dashboard where you and your stakeholders have continuous access to critical performance and ESG information.

Building lifecycle optimization

Digitalization that starts from day one and lasts over the full course of your buildings’ lifetime, whether you starting from a greenfield or brownfield project.

Streamlined ESG compliance

Your ESG roadmap is only as good as your data collection and tracking systems. Akila is designed to make data collection smooth and automated, with customizability for the main ESG frameworks.

Digitalized operations

Keep your sites running at peak performance and efficiency. Give your teams a powerful tool to forecast and anticipate issues before they become problems, and your workforce a chance for greater comfort and productivity.

Link the physical world with the virtual
smart energy dashboard

Smart energy

No more guessing how much energy you are consuming and where the inefficiencies might be. Akila’s suite of Energy software lets us create a complete and detailed picture of your sites’ real energy use, down to individual pieces of equipment.

From there, we use your continuously updating energy data to optimize your site’s consumption and carbon footprint, tracking your progress towards net-zero alongside detailed reporting of your financial savings and carbon reduction.

Smart Building Operation

Smart facility management

Managing a facility and its key assets comes with big risks – costly breakdowns and declining asset performance, accidents and environmental damage, and penalties. Using Akila, we control risk on your behalf and ensure that your sites are always compliant with local regulation.

We achieve this by real-time tracking of your facility and its assets so that our teams to respond to issues faster than ever before while using Akila’s AI-based simulation capability to anticipate and optimize your site’s future performance.

WM 面板

Environmental services

The people inside your facilities and the surrounding environment are deeply impacted by the way your facility is managed, how it handles waste, water, air quality and more.

Using Akila, we help you quantify and track waste production and removal; monitor and optimize the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of your spaces, and ensure that your site is a net positive for people and the planet.


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