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Bring Factory 4.0 tools to your security operations
Change the game by integrating security technology with risk assessment and the manpower you need to protect your assets.

Security consultancy, technology-oriented solutions and operational support that provide peace-of-mind for single and multi-site operations.


We understand the value that our security operations are protecting. Aden’s Factory 4.0 solutions include smart security system integration as well as digital operational support and trustworthy security staffing.  We make use of the latest technologies, providing analytic algorithms and archiving for CCTV services, biometric access controls, smart detection alarms, and digital tools to make the peace of mind of a full security suite available to you 24/7.

Aden can also provide support to prevent the next crisis before it occurs, through security management training, periodic due diligence, security drills, risk audits, and mitigation services.

Our Services

Risk mitigation

From policy design to procedural analysis, we provide security and crisis management planning. Prepare yourself for the next threat with tailored training for high-level staff and full-staff drills and trainings.

Intelligence & analysis

Digital Security Network

We can conduct strategic business intelligence, corporate enquiries, and head off potential threats with threat and risk assessment. Aden also administers due-diligence and screening checks.

Smart security system

From the advanced recording, storage, and analytic technology we provide in our CCTV and video analytic solutions, to advanced biometric access control and customised alarm systems, our systems are comprehensively integrated into smart platforms to provide maximum transparency.

Industry 4.0 tools

Robot hand industry 4.0

Our expertise with Industry 4.0 rollouts has prepared us to use cutting-edge techniques employing drones, robots, infrared detection, and nanotechnology to optimise security systems.


Security personnel operated the camera system

Aden can provide security solutions that safeguard your day-to-day operations, from guard services to VIP executive protection to crisis support in the event of a data breach.

Transparent management

Transparent Operations Management

Our transparent, digital tools allow you to remotely control and monitor operations, as well as providing a centralised platform that delivers comprehensive, automated reports available through our client portal.


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