4 IFM common pain-points and how Aden solves your problems

Over the past 25 years, Aden has gained experience in IFM. During this time, the company has embraced advanced digital solutions to tackle challenges such as high human resource costs and inefficiency.

Moving from challenges to breakthroughs, here are Aden’s solutions to the following four common problems facing the IFM industry today.

Digitalized maintenance plan to avoid unplanned failures

Doing daily maintenance plans is part of IFM paint points. The traditional maintenance process involves multiple departments and personnel, making it complex and hard to execute. Also, different types of equipment have different maintenance needs based on their type and how they are used.

To solve this issue, Aden uses a digital platform to plan and manage the maintenance of each piece of equipment. This helps to schedule regular maintenance, predictive maintenance and inspections, reducing unexpected issues and extending the equipment’s lifespan.

EHS digital report supporting you in safety

Safe operation and maintenance are vital for the stable development of businesses. Establishing a mature EHS safety management system is necessary for employee and production safety. However, EHS management involves complex environmental, health, and safety data, which can be challenging to integrate.

To build a safe working environment, Aden uses a digital platform to collect, analyze, and manage EHS data, making it easier to understand the environmental protection status, employee health, and safety risks. This helps in creating effective environmental protection plans, health management programs, and safety measures to support the sustainable development of businesses.

Transparent data improving the Compliance

Nowadays companies need to comply with regulations to survive and grow, especially with the increasing use of ESG standards. Data transparency and providing evidence-based data are largely needed.

To help companies adapt to policy changes, Aden uses artificial intelligence to monitor and collect real-time building energy usage data and present it in a user-friendly platform. This helps managers access important data easily, making it simpler for companies to ensure they comply with sustainability regulations.

Aden creating a better workplace experience

Aden is dedicated to enhancing indoor work environments to promote employee health, well-being, and productivity. To achieve this, Aden offers a digital platform for real-time monitoring of air quality, lighting, noise, and temperature, creating a more conducive workplace.

With decades of experience in IFM, Aden has extensively studied market challenges and requirements. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we strive to introduce efficient, manageable, and measurable low-carbon digital transformation solutions, empowering our clients with enhanced competitiveness and sustainability.