Aden achieves CDP B score for climate change performance 2023

Aden is proud to announce that we have been awarded a “B” score (Management Level) by CDP for Aden Services business.

This is a remarkable achievement for Aden, as it was the first year that the company voluntarily participated in disclosing its climate-related strategy and initiatives through CDP, one of the most widely commended and internationally recognized climate and environmental disclosure and scoring platforms.

The ranking puts us in the top 100 for all companies for our reporting region and in the global top 32% for the Specialized Professional Services category. We exceeded the Activity Group Average in 8 of 11 assessment areas, and achieved A scores in four areas:

  • Business strategy, financial planning & scenario analysis
  • Governance
  • Risk Disclosure
  • Risk management processes


This is a great milestone for our teams, but of course, ESG is about committing to a trajectory of sustained transparency and improvement. We are already developing and implementing strategic policies and increasing digitalization through Akila with the goal of moving our current B-scored categories to A-score (emissions reduction initiatives and low carbon products, opportunity disclosure, scope 3 emissions, value chain engagement) and exceeding the industry benchmark average in all 11 categories.

The CDP score is a boost for Aden Group to continue its efforts and focus on staying committed to achieving the best ESG outcomes for our people, properties, and clients!



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