Aden and Budweiser Complete Another Microgrid New Energy Project!

Aden Energies designed and installed a solar panel project at Budweiser’s Jishui Factory. The project has successfully connected to the power grid and is expected to generate 1.69 million kWh of green electricity annually. The solar panels have been installed on 23,000 square meters of roof space with a capacity of 2MW. Aden, in collaboration with Zooming New Energy, will operate and maintain the solar panels and micro-grid.

The Budweiser New Energy project will last for 20 years and is a collaboration between Budweiser, SIP, and Aden Energy. This collaboration will see the construction of distributed photovoltaic power stations in six Budweiser plants in China, with a total installed capacity exceeding 14MW.

The project is expected to provide 13.3 million kWh of clean energy, saving nearly 4,000 tons of standard coal combustion annually, while reducing approximately 3,770 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

About Aden Energies

As an energy strategic partner, Aden Energies has decades of experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and facility management. We provide one-stop renewable energy solutions, covering various areas such as distributed wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation.

We offer technology, investment, installation, and operation services, forming a complete industry chain service to ensure that partners can use green and cost-effective renewable energy for the long term, promoting corporate ESG development.