Aden and HIKVision sign MOU committing to long-term collaboration and partnership

Aden representatives traveled to HIKVision’s headquarters in Hangzhou to sign an MOU and discuss our long-term collaboration in AKILA Care hospitals around the world. Aden had the pleasure to see their range of top-of-the-line surveillance, AGVs and automated forklifts, and how they will integrate with AKILA Care hospitals to create the smartest and most connected Hospital Management System.

Our partnership with HIKVision, the global leader in surveillance systems, underlines our commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through technology. Establishing long-lasting relationships with industry innovators, whether that be surveillance or robotics, is how Aden and AKILA Care are disrupting the global healthcare disparity and keeping our promise to bring accessible, high-quality hospitals to underserved areas around the world.