Aden delivers IFM to Indonesian nickel mining company, Hengjaya Mineralindo

With strong demand from stainless steel manufacturers and new demand coming from the electric vehicle industry, nickel is very much the mineral of the moment. With this surge, companies in the nickel mining industry face both opportunity and intensified challenges: how to benefit from surging global demand while also ensuring their mining camps are run to ensure a high level of sustainability, efficiency and quality-of-life for staff at the camps.

It’s a huge challenge that calls for on-the-ground expertise and a cutting-edge digital toolkit. That’s exactly what Aden offers to its partners in the global mining industry. Aden’s newest partner is the Indonesian mining company, PT. Hengjaya Mineralindo, a subsidiary of Nickel Mines Limited, whose world-class nickel project Hengjaya Mine) is located in the Central Sulawesi province of Indonesia in an area covering approximately 6,429 hectares.

Aden will provide digitalized integrated facility management solutions to Hengjaya, ensuring a standard of living, hygiene and workplace performance that excels, even in the most extreme of environments and world challenges 2020 has delivered. Aden’s operational results are backed by digitally trackable and measurable KPIs, through tools like our own patented DigiOps platform; we are able to accurately forecast, monitor and share operational data in real-time, making us a truly accountable and transparent partner to Hengjaya.