Aden upgrades A. Raymond’s Jiangsu plant with a digitalized IFM package

Aden and A. Raymond have just entered a three-year partnership, during which Aden will roll out a full suite of digitalized IFM solutions. Our comprehensive package integrates food service, hygiene, security, O&M and green fit-out for their plant in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. A. Raymond chose Aden due to our dedication to customer satisfaction and a strong reputation among other clients in Zhenjiang, as well as our cutting-edge approach to IFM delivery. All of Aden’s IFM solutions are linked and centralized through our digital platform DigiOps, for an unprecedented level of efficiency, responsiveness and user comfort.

A. Raymond is a premier producer of OEM components for vehicles, household and electrical appliances, heavy equipment and more, with a growing footprint in China. Aden’s mission is to keep the working environment at the optimal operational level to ensure that growth continues. We believe that better facilities are the key to better work, and our hardworking staff’s top priority is to meet and exceed A. Raymond’s standards for quality, efficiency and comfort.


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