Aden Group deploys a multi-site IFM solution for Horizon Robotics









One of China’s top 10 AI companies, Horizon Robotics, has chosen Aden to deliver a multi-site comprehensive IFM solution. Horizon is a rapidly growing company with an expanding global footprint, currently with offices in three countries—five of which Aden will be managing in China. Horizon needed a strategic partner who could optimize their facility environment on several fronts, carefully adapted to the needs of each individual site. They needed a comprehensive plan that delivered a more efficient and more comfortable working environment. So that’s just what Aden delivered.

Aden’s strength is in our philosophy that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Every facility has different needs depending on its size, industry and desired working environment. Delivering on these requirements is what has put Aden at the top of our field as a partner to companies in China’s fast-growing tech sector. As increasingly more industries integrate AI and automation into their operations, products and services, we are sure to see Horizon grow even more over the coming year, and we look forward to growing with them.


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