Aden invited by EACham as featured exhibitor at Ningbo’s 10th annual Digital Economy Conference

This past weekend, Aden was invited by the European American Chamber of Commerce as a featured exhibitor at the 10th Annual World Digital Economy Conference and Smart City Intelligence Economy Expo in Ningbo, Zhejiang. This year’s conference focused heavily on the role of 5G, AI and IoT as the driving behind China’s digital economy. As an early adopter and integrator of these tools, Aden has played an active role in transforming China’s IFM industry by digitalizing and automating operations and energy use at commercial and industrial properties.

The outbreak and recovery from COVID this year has sped up this transformation. 50 new projects involving 5G, big data, AI and IoT and totaling over 30 billion yuan in investment were signed at this year’s conference alone. In the post-COVID world, innovators like Aden have been among the forefront of companies responding to and facilitating the needs of businesses to digitalize and integrate smart services into their operations.