ADEN is the proud IFM partner to Huawei in ASEAN market

When it comes to tech innovation and business, Asia is the future. And at ADEN, we’re the proud IFM partner to Huawei, one of the giants of this new Asian economy. From Vietnam, to Laos, to Myanmar, we’re on-site with Huawei every day, delivering a strategic blend of digitalized asset management; food excellence; and cleaning and technical services to keep Huawei’s facilities running at peak condition. Besides that, ADEN also helps Huawei (and many other SE Asia clients!) meet their administrative needs as they build up their presence and operations in the booming ASEAN market. If your business is moving into Southeast Asia, ADEN is ready to leverage its full ASEAN network on your behalf – that means a full suite of high-tech digital solutions; a full network on the ground in ASEAN; all wrapped into a single contract. Get in touch and learn how we can take your Southeast Asia business to the next level.

ADEN Integrated Facility Management Brochure