Aden Korea joins Tech for Good Summit in Seoul

AI has the power to transform every industry. But will we us this power to make a positive impact on life, work and environment? For Aden, the answer must be an emphatic ‘yes!’ That’s why we sent our Korea team, including Simon Deok-Jeong IM and Rachael UM, to the Tech for Good Summit in Seoul, where we connected with impact-focused tech innovators from France and Korea.

From improving healthcare and education to addressing unemployment, we met and learned from four startups and major Korean companies, including Born2Global Centre and Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). We also connected with thought leaders like Martin Wöhrle (Head of Future Technology Strategy Group/Hyundai Motor Group) and Bosun Kim (Asiance/FrenchTech Seoul). The common thread was a determination to harness AI and #smarttechnology for positive outcomes in the world. At Aden, we were excited to connect with so many thinkers and doers who share our goal, and we’re keen to bring them into our network as we push for a sustainable, green IFM across Asia.